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  1. Linda, are an accountant at heart!! Yes...we need to find out how much Bob charges to pre-wind a cone. I have been buying the bottom line at 75 cents each per bobbin and trying to figure out how to reduce costs but not wanting to wind bobbins myself.
  2. My husband finally quilted the patriotic TShirt quilt with "windows" talked about earlier in this thread. I still don't know how to post pictures, so if you don't mind, please go to to view the pictures. Kelley used CQ designs by Kim Diamond and I think it turned out well. Milton (Millennium) has kept us quilt busy these last few months so I haven't been able to run my mouth on-line but I do love read the threads on a regular basis!! Let me know what y'all think! Joanne
  3. My DH - Kelley is actually helping me quilt while I'm at work. Move over Clint Eastwood!! But ssshhh...don't tell anyone he's helping me especially his brothers!! Here are samples of a daisy and pinwheel motifs and a daisy border...his, I mean my customer, loved it.... The pictures are a bit wonky...but you can still see his handy work.
  4. Welcome! Welcome! Just got my Millennium and CQ a few weeks ago and loving it. I have completed 6 quilts and have 10 waiting in the wings from customers. It has taken me 4 quilts to get the hang of things and sure I will learn something new with every quilt! It is a huge learning curve...the first or 2nd quilt may have you in tears but by the 3rd and 4th you'll be zipping along. My biggest problem right now...(and I'm really not complaining) is that I don't have time to get my sample quilt or pieces completed to show because I have actuall quilts to complete! Plus, I have no idea ho
  5. My hats off to Tina Collins and the APQS staff. My experience with Dawn C. was absolutely wonderful. She sold me my Milli right before the big show about a month ago. And's all I can say...just WOW!!!!! Tina came to our house on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to help install our CQ. We had a small problem with a part and she ordered the part from APQS and it was overnighted to us on Saturday. She came back on Saturday and re-installed the new part just to make sure it was working. Tina was absolutely amazing...not only did she install all of the hardware but sh
  6. Yes, Dawn is my quilting diva pal too. You were wonderful when you sold me my Millie a few weeks ago. Oh, by the way, My CQ was installed last week and I have quilted one quilt per day since the install. Thank you for everyone who gave me advice on the charity quilts. See for my first few attempts at quilting. Dawn - Kelley and I will hopefully see you in the fall for our free "training". I can't wait to meet you!! Joanne
  7. Here's a preview of my mom's patriotic quilt...hopefully the attachment will work. If my picture doesn't show up, then go here... Ignore the line down the middle...just a rendering at the moment...
  8. I am working on a patriotic Tshirt quilt for my Mom. I tried to offer her a "newbie" deal on the quilt but she refused. So far I have cut out the Tshirt squares, I have two or three squares I need to applique and the off to sew. She's already paid me too, yeah!!
  9. Hi Lisa, I will check out the Quilts of Valor website. I just did a couple of quilt labels for someone who quilted one of these quilts. Your question about writing off your "labor cost" for charity may come back to the state laws. I know in NC, I can not write off my "services" from my tax service as a CPA. I am also charging for long arm services so if I volunteer to quilt a top, then I can't write off the "value of my time" but I can write off the cost of the material, batting, mileage, etc. Funny, I just had this same conversation with a co-worker today. I could, however, argue t
  10. Has anyone volunteered to quilt the Project Linus quilts for free? Just to show-off or practice their work...Is this a bad idea? I'm thinking of offering "this special" for the first 5 Linus Quilts just to introduce myself to the guild members in my area and to give me work for designs and samples. And trying to figure out how to price services is so difficult!!!! Looks like 100 ways to do it and no answer is right or wrong. The good news is you own your business.... The bad news is own your business. Thanks for any input and yes...I want to see your quilt too Terri! Plus, wh
  11. Hi Hawaii, Of course you will want to start a business out of's in your nature as an accountant!! There's nothing funner than doing your own books...just be careful's almost too easy to see everything as a "business" expense...makes the spending seem justifiable. I have a pretty detailed MS Excel document with a "guestimated" or projected balance sheet and income statement for what I "hope" to make in the next year...if/when you want to start your own business...just let me know and I will send you an electonic copy. It can help with a starting point of the numbers.
  12. Just found a great website with lots of information that is easy to understand for starting your own business. It also has information about the differences between a hobby and business, business structure (i.e. sole proprietor, LLC, etc.) and shows some simple book keeping examples and it has a discussion on the steps needed to start your own business: Chapters with good information:Chapter 2 - Business Structure Chapter 8 - Sample business - shows examples of accounting entries Chapter 4 - Business start up Here is the link to the index page which you can use to get to the chapters
  13. You guys are so great! Hi quilting diva friend:) !!!! Such great ideas...I am going to print them all, then take the plunge... My quilt was the rail fence --> "Oriental Express" on the I think I will try all of Dawn's wonderful SID techniques on my quilt. Of course, I will probably be my own worst critic. I love the ideas of the pantos on the other two...and will check out the many choices, so little time...sigh.... So a few more practice 'til I drop quilts (plain muslim) and off to begin my real adventures... I'll post pics of the finis
  14. y'all of the greatest...thanks for the ideas...can't wait to get home tonight! I am going to practice for the next few days and then take off...these quilts are freebies so my friends should be forgiving...
  15. Sorry - still a do I attach pictures? The only pictures I have are at for these let me know how to show pictures too, please. I clicked on attachment, but I didn't see a file attach after posting. The quilts I have questions about are Pat's Rail Fence and Carol's 1st quilt further down on the page.
  16. I am ready to quilt my first two quilts on my Milli (Milton for short) and I'm really nervous. My CQ hasn't come in yet, so I am going to try to practice before it gets here. If y'all have any ideas on the style, let me know. The green quilt, my customer wants a star in each corner (I think I can pull that one off) and some kind of star-vine combo on the borders but what do I do in the middle? Cross-hatch? This is a baby boy quilt but she doesn't want any sports or "boy" type designs. 2nd quilt - basic rail fence quilt for a co-worker. Stitch in the ditch only or does anyone see any
  17. I am a newbie and went to our local quilt guild recently to tell everyone of my long arm purchase. New people were asked to stand up, and I said "I just bought a long-arm machine, a millennium and am getting the compuquilter". All I heard was a silence and the a comforting "ooohhh!" I handed out all 20 business cards in one fell swoop. The local, well-known gammill lady introduced herself to me a few minutes later and seemed nice but there was also a definite air or vibes given off... not sure if it was from the threat of me being competition or the fact that I was a newbie and it was
  18. Hi JoAnn, Could you give me more info about this item. Yes, I am a newbie...getting my compuquilter on Wednesday. Is this like an "Etch a sketch" except for the compustitcher. Thanks!
  19. Nice talking to you today Tina! I must be crazy... I saw a really good response to Sandra's question earlier today and now I don't see it anymore. Well, I am waiting on getting my compuquillter...waiting and waiting and waiting...sigh. So I am playing with my website. Any feedback or comments about my website would greatly be appreciated. If you have really negative comments, email me so I don't get my feelings hurt publicly...I am a sensitive soul at times. Thanks for all the comments so far! I really love all the information on this site. Oh website is
  20. Okay, I didn't see the attachment...Newbie status, I guess: Here is my response: Hi Shana, Great question?especially for quilters! Hobby laws are in place to prevent people from taking advantage of the tax laws and trying to write off their hobby expenses as business expenses. You can report quilting as a hobby but you are limited on how much you can expense. If you are legitimately trying to run a quilting business, then you will want to report your expenses and revenues as a business. Here?s an example of why the hobby laws exist and the IRS?s view on identifying an activity a
  21. Hi Shana, I got a little long winded in my answer so I put it in a word document as an attachment. If you can't read it, let me know. Thanks and let me know if it helps!
  22. Does look like it is by state for charging tax on services. In NC, we don't have to charge state tax on services. In California, it looks like it depends on the service. In Iowa, it depends on the service too. Here is a website for Iowa Thanks for the feedback!
  23. This is in response to lots of posts I have seen about CPA services. I am new as a long arm quilter but experienced as a CPA and would not mind bartering my CPA services for long arm quilting advice and techniques. I am a CPA in NC and just bought a Millennium. I am starting a night time business "specializing in long arm quilting" but I am also a CPA since 2002 and work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro full time in the Accounting Services. I don't mind answering accounting questions one-on-one. I can also perform CPA services and tax services for your company. Since I am n
  24. I am a CPA in NC and just bought a Millennium. I am starting a night time business "specializing in long arm quilting" but I am also a CPA since 2002 and work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro full time in the Accounting Services. I don't mind answering accounting questions one-on-one. I can also perform CPA services and tax services for your company. Since I am new at my quilting business and trying to make money, my CPA rates will be very reasonable for the new business owners especially during the start-up stage. As I get more customers in quilting and as a CPA for quil