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  1. Turn up the speed and have fun! When I turn the SR off, I always think of the Mazda commercial - ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM! I am having fun without SR too - took me two years to turn it off! Now, I teach my new students to turn the SR off in their Beginner's Class (at least for a few minutes:P)
  2. I'm lurking too! Just haven't had much time to post!
  3. Beautiful Quilt! Of course, I have no suggestions for quilting but the piecing looks marvelous!
  4. Yes - Louisburg is correct and the date is July 18, 2009. It will be at Mary Harmon's house. If you paid your dues at the last meeting, you should be receiving an invite to the yahoo group where you can get a copy of the powerpoint and "intake" form that we discussed on Sat. Also, meeting notifications will go out from this site. I'm not part of the board just an active member - so make sure you all are getting information via the yahoo site. Betsy - I'll send you an email on how to join and where to send your check if you are interested in joining. The Carolina Longarm Assoc. is a gr
  5. Y'all are too funny! I was very impressed with our Carolina Longarm Association meeting yesterday! I am absolutely thrilled with the direction this group is taking! Such a nice change from several years ago! The leadership is doing a fantastic job! It is so nice to see women business owners supporting each other in our longarm ventures! Yippee and it's about time!!! GO CLA!!!
  6. Love the 1930s Moda fabric - great your feathers so far and I want to see final pics.
  7. Beautiful Feathers Darlene! I am having fun playing with feathers...even without the SR. I like Karen McTavish's bump bump back method. I have Darlene's books and Sherry Rogers-Harrison's books and like to play with their style of feathers too!
  8. Great opportunity! Take the initiative and be well prepared. I would definitely talk with the other quilters before the class - either y'all create the class between yourselves or identify one of the three as a leader who will create the course outline. I would go for it!
  9. Hi Laura, I sell that fabric! It's so nice to see how it looks pieced and quilted. I have been trying for months to piece a quilt and quilt it with this fabric so that I have a Shoppe sample! The fabric is absolutely adorable and you did a great job with the quilting! I love how the outline of the bunny you quilted shows up on the back! He's one of my favorite characters. There is also a grasshopper that appears in every panel and there's a turtle character that is just too cute! Great job!
  10. Linda, We have one person who is taking her own sweet time in picking up her quilt. I've been watching to see if this becomes an issue. Most of the time, like Heidi, we have people wanting their quilts yesterday. I hate when customers put me in an uncomfortable situation...
  11. Yep - you could become a serial cutter with the wine coolers so be careful! Sounds like your studio is going to be really nice! If you studio is large enough, think about adding a nice cutting station. I've seen nice pics that I don't have any of my own. Also, design your studio so that it is efficient - a triangle maybe. Cutting area, sewing area, pressing area. Please share pics when you are done!
  12. Betsy - I bought a postal scale from costco - You can get an estimate on, once you know the weight. I usually purchase postage on-line via paypal and print on my own computer. I estimate the postage when I give the customer their initial estimate but it is only an estimate. I usually estimate $10 to $20 per quilt...depends on your supplies and expenses for shipping. I don't charge the customer until I'm ready to ship the quilt back - then I know how much my actual postage will be. They pay me via paypal for shipping
  13. Paypal works great for credit card payments! Easy and secure for both you and your customer. We mail our quilts via USPS with insurance. USPS will pay if the quilt is lost and you paid for insurance. UPS has a history of not paying for "lost" quilts even if you pay extra for insurance. Ask a few famous quilters how much they were re-imbursed when the UPS truck caught on fire with their quilts on the way to a national show! Do not write "QUILT" on the package that you are sending back or receiving. If you must describe the contents, write something like "bedding". Better yet, don't
  14. Yep, I'm so cheap at times that I squeak! But, if I want my step-son or own teenagers to help me in the quilt shop, they don't barter! We have thought about letting my step-son help with customer quilts - he's in college and needs money. We are thinking of paying him 40% of what we charge the customer. We take the customer order, provide the thread, maintenance, pay the rent, machine loan, etc. As he learns, he can then re-negotiate what his percentage is... At 40% with no overhead expense, he is making much better than minimum wage. He would get paid when the customer pays the