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  1. Yep, turn the SR off, turn up the stitches/speed and go for it! Feathers are completely awesome and so much fun without SR. Curves and McTavishing is a lot of of fun too! Just remember if you pause immediately click on the button to stop your needle so that your thread doesn't break.
  2. Hi Betsy! Welcome to the forum! I can't wait to practice this weekend. I keep repeating all of the designs I learned in my head - over and over...maybe some of them will stick!
  3. Ok, last picture. This is Gator, QuiltingTina and KelleyJones... Notice how Kelley is using his belly to support the belly bar!
  4. Rita - you were so wonderful!!! How you managed to function at all was amazing to me! You are my bestest quilting bud ever! I don't think I got a pic of himself... I couldn't resist posting your pic! Jolene & Shana - I will put some names with the pics....see above.
  5. My daughter thought that perhaps Jack Sparrow and Karen McTavish are related! To see more pics, go to We had such a blast!! Thank you Karen, Sue, Jessie and Jon!
  6. One more... Ok, Here's Karen, Threadwaggle (Angela) and Sheri. Sheri's husband bought her an APQS Milli this past Christmas Eve...she was so surprised!
  7. Another pic. What, No Stitch Regulator!!! Of course, you know Karen. I'm 3rd from the right - back right. Sandi Zuker is in the middle front. Heidi did a piece on her APQS blog about Sandi's first quilt which was featured in a magazine recently. Sandi's first quilting client was Scott Murkin - a national quilt show judge. The gentleman in the back is Brian Fackler (he's an amazing quilter) and will be featured at MQS - Real Men Who Quilt. Ok, who did I miss?
  8. Ok, finally got motivated to post some pics of the Wild Women classes last week....we had so much fun! Here's a link to all of the pics When Karen and Sue told us to turn off the stitch regulator - some of us cried, sighed and whined! Finally, we got over ourselves and got on with the quilting! Can you find the "Deer in the Headlights" pictures? This is what we looked like when we first turned off our SRs! BTW - can you find Rita R, Threadwaggle, Michelle, Gator (Connie), Brenni, Georgene, Kelley, Sandi, Quilting Tina and/or other members of our
  9. It's a telephone conference call. No pictures, no classes. Call Alison and she will give you the code that you use to call into the conference call.- see Heidi's message above for Alison's phone number. Once you get the phone number and code from Alison, you just call in during the specified time and date, enter the code, put your phone on speaker and listen/participate in the call! It's that easy.
  10. Beautiful and your victorian feathers look marvelous!
  11. I'm more used to the terms: Economy or Basic - E2E or all-over design (.012 to .025/sq inch) Custom - Block work and/or border work (.025 to .06/sq inch) Heirloom - quilt it to death (.06 plus)
  12. The WILD WOMEN ROCK!! Sue and Karen are the best teachers ever and their trunk is hilarious and well worth the money! It's like getting two trunk shows at once! If they're not careful, they may be doing stand-up comedian soon. Our students loved these two women! So much personality! 1, 2, 3 GO! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Here's just a few of our student's comments who attend the WW classes last week, "Joanne and Kelley, What a fantastic week. I loved the two workshops I was able to attend and the Trunk Show was great. Thank you so much for hosting the event. I appreciate your efforts in mak
  13. Totally loved you guys! I wish the weather had been nicer to make you all stay!!! The WILD WOMEN ROCK!!! Thanks so much!!! I'm working on pictures too and will post soon! Glad you made it back safely!
  14. Yvette, So Fine by Superior Threads has a dull red color but it's not variegated. Also, it's a poly that looks like cotton. However, it blends really well with the Moda reds.
  15. aktink, Listen to you CPA! He will give you good advice and stand behind it.
  16. Hi Sue, Make sure the pool will be open when you come...we usually don't open pools until closer to May. You may be sitting next to a green pool but it's still a pool, right? The weather is off and on here. Today 65, tomorrow is 75 and then a nose dive to a high of 45 by Fri. The nicest day next week looks like it will be on Monday at 67 then maybe in the high 50s for the rest of the week. Of course the weather is hard to predict past 4 days around here. Of course, when we were in Minn. last March, the weather went from the 70s down to the 20s with 50s and 60s might not be t
  17. Sandra - I was thinking a baptist fan too. Always a great designs with the 1930s.