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  1. Just use a Q-Snap frame with some modfications. Works great, no clamps necessary when you drill a hole so velcro can be threaded through. No breaking, fits thick or thin applications. Cindy
  2. Bonnie, sorry no help on the painting process I'm just the quilter. I believe the SDP 2009 national conference site is in Illinois this May. There will be tons of classes to take for beginner to expert. The class schedule should be listed on line. Ohio's state conference is sometime in August with lots of classes too. I'm trying to get a beautiful Quilt of Valor from them. They do wonderful painting I'd love to try also but unfortunately I don't have room for another hobby!!! Thanks to all for the nice comments. Cindy Ladig The Quilt Farm S. Charleston, OH
  3. I'm usually just a lurker but had to share with you all...this is the 2nd SDP (Society of Decorative Painters) raffle quilt I have done. It was a stroke of luck being ask to quilt for this group with my longarm only months old. They raised over $3000 for that one and I'm hoping this one does as well. To view the quilt and purchase raffle tickets to go: http://www.decorativepainters.org/quilt/index.php Thanks for all the terrific info that I get from this group. Cindy Ladig The Quilt Farm S. Charleston, OH
  4. Are you pinning to the actual tough fabric the zipper teeth are on??? I am stapling too and yes signficant time savings. I beefed up my leader fabric with beeswax to help the staples glide and added wool flannel layer in between the hem. Seems to be working fine but it is early in the process for me. Thanks for all the terrific info. Cindy
  5. Hey, I\'m another that is still not receiving a daily digest when will the problem be fixed??? Thanks. Cindy
  6. I may get sued for telling you all this but here goes...does anyone staple to the leaders??? I\'m a newbie and asking lots of questions and getting help from a local gal who pittied me when I ask about pinning the quilts on and how long it took. She said I normally don\'t give out trade secrets but I\'m in a good mood tongiht. She bought a business from a gal about 15 years ago and that lady taught her to staple everything. She demoed it for me and I was sold. I bought the stapler, staples, and staple puller that night. She didn\'t say I couldn\'t spread the word so I hope it is okay. The drawback I noticed was that her leaders were pretty chewed up and then folded and sewed up several times. I\'m thinking of trying to melt some bees wax to toughen up the fabric/threads and maybe add a piece of wire screening in my hem pocket for some added strength when pulling out the staples. Any comments about whether my plan would be positive or in vane are appreciated. Now mind you I have not tried it myself yet but can\'t imagine a problem. I\'m stuck in finishing up borders, backing, binding land right now but anxious to get quilting. So does anyone staple??? Blessings, Cindy P.S. - This group is A+ TERRIFIC!!!
  7. Fringed quilt would be like a rag quilt???? Have your blocks and batting cut on an AccuCut and everything will already be fringed. Cindy
  8. So glad your diamond is back. Now I need to take mine in and have it checked!!! Lost my engagement diamond once. First noticed it missing while at church laying out a quilt. From there panic sets in immediately. I retraced and retraced my steps that day. It had dropped out when I reached to put my seat belt on and was laying just behind the drivers seat. Hallelujah!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one this has happened to. Cindy
  9. You won't go wrong with a Bernina, period. Enough said but...recently I had a nationally known quilt instructor confidentially tell me that she knows people that promote other machines in ads but she also knows what they sew on in their basement!!! Two gals out of five in a quilting class last night would sell their machines if they could find a buyer and get a Bernina. Good Luck in your search. Cindy
  10. As a potential new LA owner trying to make a decision on the brand I'll get I must say that I'm impressed with the integrity of the responses to this subject. This chat room may be the best sales tool APQS has going. Cindy
  11. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and advice. I am overwhelmed with the responses. Be assured that I'll deliberate and digest everything before making a purchase. Thanks for all the assistance. In Stitches, Cindy
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am trying to take my time to decide which machine and what size to go with. There are only so many opportunities to play with machines at shows that are relatively close to me so that makes it difficult to purchase in a timely manor. I'd like to be up and running by this fall/winter if possible. I have narrowed the list to APQS and two other manufacturers though since attending the NQA show. APQS reps Lisa and Sherri were terrific. Disappointed though I requested more info through website and received an immediate reply that it would be in the mail the following day (6/11) and nothing received yet. I am aware of 2 longarm gals, one full-time and one part-time, within 1 hours drive who are booked up for months. One local gal that is very cost competitive but her work reflects that also so my cheap friends will keep using her in the end I'm sure. Friendships turning into nightmares would be terribly disappointing. With my work I'm pretty much a perfectionist trying to always remember 'finished is better than perfect'. Sometimes I think that is a blessing and other times a curse. I am very personally committed to doing Quilts of Valor Foundation projects. We have exhausted the goodwill of local longarmers and it is expensive to ship back and forth so this would solve that issue. I will go do some searches as suggested. Many thanks. Cindy
  13. Hello to all! I'm happy to be on here and hope to learn lots of stuff. I am considering purchasing a longarm. I have been quilting with my Bernina 180 but my last piece for a wedding was 96X110 inches and it was a bit much but I made it through and gave it for a wedding gift. My small group of quilting friends think I do a good job with machine work and I know I'll get some quilting work from them whether I want it or not. How do you know if you'd like it to be a business before ever really doing any longarm work??? My question is how did everyone come to the decision of purchasing for personal or business use? Did you start with a smaller machine and upgrade after knowing that it was something you'd like to do for profit or jump in with both feet and go for it right from the beginning??? I'd like to avoid the trading up process IF possible with some good advice from this group. Are there any APQS owners in Ohio??? (New to all this type of computer use so please bare with me.) Thanks. Cindy