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  1. CQ is like owning a APQS machine, a solid work horse, there when you want it, no fuss, nothing fancy, just a good basic system, Laura
  2. Thanks Sandy I will take good care of her. She'll run my CQ Thank You Dave Jones also Laura Shogren Show-Grin Quilting 218-562-4572
  3. Are there any CQ forums, groups, Classes, or dvd's I have not found much for instruction or support on the web Thanks Laura
  4. Thanks Everyone, Yes I am talking digital, I did purchase from Darlene, got a few good ones there, just found Tammy,, she has some nice designs I think I will buy. Laura
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase overalls that are not so dense, Most of my customers want looser quilting, Thanks Laura
  6. I just love my leadergrips, I would not turn a quilt for borders, Now I have no problem with turning for borders, done in a snap, red snap that is. Also, Marshall Dry Goods is were I purchased my Cotton Duck for new Leaders, nice heavy fabric., Just Google them. Laura:D:D
  7. I have a bobbin casing set for each thread type I use, a little tweek and I'm good, I also use the same thread top and bottom, seems there is very little problem with tension that way Laura
  8. Thanks, I am Loven my CQ, Started a border Quilt today, was hoping to get it done, but too many customers in and out today(a good thing), ran out of time,will finish Wednesday Laura
  9. OH MY, Thank You, I was looking at your web site and was going to order a couple overalls, You have some great overalls Thanks Again Laura
  10. I have 50 Pantos for sale, listed under Talk about Anything Thanks For Looking Laura
  11. I am selling the following panto's for $8.00 each, they are used. Thats about 1/2 price. From Golden Threads 1. Jacobean 9" 2. Sea Side Swirl 10" 3.Kiss Curls 15" 4. Double Plume 7" 5. Lacy Loops 6" 6. McTavishing Lg 7. Leaf & Scroll.5" 8. Dancing Loops, 8-6-&4" Jane Donaldson 9.Fleurs, Intrlocking 10" Different Strokes 10. Twist Shell 4.5" Willow Leaf Studio 11. Clam Shell 6 rows/ 2.5" 12.Bear in the Woods Panto, 2Pantos 9" & " 13. Bromeliad 10.5" quiltcrazy 14. Cowboy Way 10" Different Strokes 15.Clam Flower, 2 rows 9" Thread songs 16. Lots of Lambs 11" Different Strokes 17. Paisley 11" Simple Quilting Stitches 18.ABC Meander Interlocking 11" Different Strokes 19.Poinsetta 9" Willow Leaf Studio 20. I Spy 123 11" Interlocking Different Strokes 21.Pine Cone 13.75" Willow Leaf Studio 22. Chantilly Lace 10" Simple Quilting Stitches 23.Baptist Fan 11" 24. Daisy Chain Interlocking 10" 2 rows 25. Fossil 11" Urban Eleaments 26.Poodles 10" quilt crazy 27. Ribbions and Curls 8" quilt crazy 28. Surfs Up 8" Different Strokes 29. Tracks 10" Keryn Emmerson 30.Bubbles 10" quilt crazy 31. Spires 10" quilt crazy 32. Paisley 15" N. Sharp Borders 33. Bear and Wolf, 6" LEQ 34. Feather Border 3.5" Different Strokes 35. Dinosaurs 5" G. Broadwater 36. Bear and Tree/ Moose and Tree 2 Border Pack 4.5"@ Different Strokes Back To Pantos 37. Debs Feathers overall 11" 12" & 3" wreath 6 & 4" Borders 38. Petal Flambe 2 Pantos 5&7" Jelly Bean Quilter 39. Baseball E2E 11.5" 2 Panto New UnOpened 40. Regency 12" Simple Quilting Stitches 41. Security Blanket 11" Interlocking Different Strokes 42. Crowns 10" quilt crazy 43. Hodge Podge 11" Quilt Works 44. Ho Ho Holly, 10" Willow Leaf Studio 45. Fishing Panto 14" LEQ 46. Leaf Carpet, 14" Meredith Endland 47. Cathedral Window, 12" 48. Camping Panto 11" Meadow Lyon More Borders 49. Wild Flowers, 6" N. Woods 50. Designs By Deb, 6 Borders , 3" Leaves, 5" Dancing leaves 4.5" Aspen Leaves, 4.58" Maple Leaves,4" Oak Leaves, 2" Leaves I can be contacted by email @ or 218-562-4572 Make me a offer for all of them, I might just take it. Thanks Laura Shogren Breezy Point, mn 2008 Millie, 2010 CQ Quilting and Lovin it:D
  12. Thanks everyone I have 3 quilts done now, the 1st was a old top of my own then a customer baby top and a really nice customer batic top, they all turned out awesome, just did overalls on them. I start my 1st custom on thursday, a little nervous about that one. I am have a few small issues and working my way thrue them. Gotta Say, Love my CQ I'm on the run Thanks Laura:P
  13. De Loa was here today, I got to see her rope a dope, and her 2 new tools, she has a awesome circle tool and heart tool, she said she will have them at mqs next week. She gifted me a heart tool She sure is a nice person. Laura