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  1. I went to Houston to see QuiltStudio. It is GREAT! I have mine on order, can't wait for it to get here! I was very impressed! Patti
  2. Yeah!!!! Power is a GREAT thing. I know I cheared after we got the power on after Katerina. We were out 17 LONG days!! Patti
  3. What about the side switch? I do use it some to advance the quilt. I would think I would use the fabrice advancer by the side switch only if I could not use the floor petal.
  4. Bonnie, if you go to APQS web site and go to the Supplies & Accessories tab, then to the left click on Quiltstudio you will get to a web page. This will tell you a bit about the new computer program that APQS is making! I am so excited about it! Patti
  5. Yep, I ordered my Quiltstudio in June. Can't wait for it to get here! Patti
  6. I would like to recommend a roomba vacuum to help in the pet hair battle. The amount of pet hair my rumba picks up, is well, shocking. I need to order a new battery for my rumba, and am missing my little guy\'s services. The hopper where the link collects will be crammed full. Yes, it really does vacuum WITHOUT you moving it. I am not sure if it does as good, or better than if I were to push a vacuum around, but it sure does pick up dirt, and PET HAIR, and it does the work much more often than I care to. Also, he doesn’t grumble as much as I do:) Patti
  7. Thanks so much, a picture is really worth a thousand words! Patti
  8. Would it be possible to post a picture showing this? Patti
  9. I am having trouble seeing the quilting that I have already put in on some busy fabrics. Then I end up crossing my quilting with quilting already quilting in. I have tried the black light, and side lighting and am still having trouble. Any more ideas or suggestions?