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  1. Hallo, habe mir den Bliss-Tisch gekauft und habe nun den Standard-Stahl-Tisch übrig. Der Tisch ist 10 Fuss lang (ca. 3,10 m). Die Carriage, Clamps und die Roller Bars sind mit dabei. Die Lenni steht nicht zum Verkauf. Ist für jemand mit dem "Stow-away-Table" (weisse Spanplatte) oder mit einer Ultimate interessant. Der Tisch ist nicht viel benutzt, vielleicht 5 Quilt und Practice. Ich hätte gerne noch 750 Euro dafür (VHB) Ich wohne in Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz. Liebe Grüsse Silke Anfragen und Bilder bitte über silke-quast@web.de
  2. Hi Judy, I am also interested in the edgerider wheels/carriage for lenni. Please inform us, when you have installed it. I am from Germany, and for me the shipping an taxes are very expensive too. Good luck. Silke
  3. Thank you for the information. I asked Heidi too, an this is her answer: the $1000 Bliss upgrade is on all new orders. For all existing customers, like yourself, you have two choices for upgrading. You can upgrade to the new Standard table (8 horizontal wheels) for $3000. Or you can upgrade to the new Bliss system for $4000. The only thing that will be used from your existing table is the four poles. I think that both option are really expensive, I think I have to win in the lotterie first. Silke
  4. Hi there, is Bliss now available for Lenni? What are the costs, and what parts on the table do I have to change? Thanks for informations. Silke
  5. Hello, has someone ordered the intelliquilter-carriage for lenni, and can tell us about the experiences? Does it run smoother than the original wheels and carriage? Thank you ;-) Silke
  6. Hello, is it possible to put the ergo-handles from the Ultimate 1 on the Lenni? I saw that Liam1964 modified his Ultimate 1 and changed from the upright-handles to ergo-handels. The way to install the upright-handles on the Ult 1 seems to be the same as on the Lenni. And the ergo-handles from the Ult 1 also had only one button on each side, like Lenni. Thanks for any information Silke
  7. Hello, I was lurking very long on this forum and was getting great information here. Now my lenni has arrived yesterday, its set up and running. I am really happy, everything worked out great. Very easy assembly, and she fits perfectly into my room. I just did a practice piece and I think I have to ppp a lot. But I like it. One question I have is about the right table height. I thought that I had read it on the Lenni - Forum but cant find it anymore. How did you find the right height. Thanks in advance Silke
  8. Thank you for the answers. Now I am happy to know, that I don't have to put lenni in the unfinished basement. And I try to attend Claudias beginner class in June. There I can see lenni in real life. Hallo Claudia, wir hatten uns in Wiesbaden und in Saint Marie schon mal wegen der Lenni unterhalten. Bis jetzt habe ich es leider noch nicht geschafft in Krefeld vorbei zukommen. Ich hoffe im Juni fällt unsere Quiltausstellung zum 20zig jährigen Bestehen der Nibelungenquilter nicht auf den Termin des Open House in Krefeld. Würde mich freuen die Lenni mal in Aktion zu sehen. Liebe Grüsse und schönes Wochenende Silke
  9. Hello, I would like to know if the 12 table of lenni fits into a room 7,5 x 14,5 ft (2,28 m x 4,45 m). It would only be the room for lenni, for sewing i have another room. Thanks for your help. Silke
  10. Hello everybody, any news about the size of the quilting area of lenni?? Silke