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  1. Sue, I love this quilt. Is the fabric from a collection? The spirals were a good choice. Thanks for sharing. Judy
  2. Mary Beth, Don't be fooled by this schedule thing. I'm someone who needs some mechanism to keep me organized otherwise I'd loose all my customers, and my mind, trying to remember what I promised to whom. Your daughter is more important than your customers quilts and I don't think you are making excuses, but have genuine concern. Your loyal customers will understand this and and the rest can take a hike. So there you have it. Judy
  3. Mary Beth, I use a calendar and assign a quilt date to the customer. If they call and ask what's going on with their quilt, I remind them of the date we agreed on. If I'm ahead of schedule, then I pull in their date in and complete their quilt early. I'm very careful about 'rush' jobs as I do not want to train my customers into thinking this mode of doing business is okay. I haven't done 'rush' jobs for new customers for the same reason. I have lost a few new customers because of this, but I've been able to keep a teensy bit of my sanity. Judy
  4. Having Clooney at my beck and call means he'll cook, mow the lawn, bring me Starbucks, keep Millie tuned up, and, well, the list goes on and on......
  5. Mildred, after my Aunt Millie.
  6. I'm just curious, if the women who find your business arrangements so distasteful, why do they continue to bring their quilts to you? Maybe you should inquire. Furthermore, if you give your dog away, I'll never speak to you again. That goes for your daughter too!! Judy
  7. My original idea was no dogs/cats in the studio (garage). But, my dog would sit in the house and bark his dang fool head off. So, I started letting him in the garage. I open the side door to the backyard and he spends most of his time wandering in and out. When he's in, he lays around. I vacuum every day, mainly to get the threads. I also use an air compressor on the quilts to blow off threads and any other stuff that may be on them. I haven't told my customers, but I do not hide the fact I have animals. Judy
  8. JudyL, Your quilting is fabulous, very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. JudyC
  9. JudyL, Your quilts are wonderful. I feel sew guilty.... I purchased fabric last July to make quilts for our soldiers and my fabric is still waiting to become a quilt. How do you whip them out so fast??? Your quilts are inspiring. JudyC
  10. If my thread breaks or I run out of bobbin thread, I tie the thread and bury the knot. Otherwise, I use the needle up/down button to secure the thread. I take a stitch forward, then backward a few times. Judy
  11. Catherine, I have the same problem you have with oil on the light shield and where the handles attach. I just wipe it off. I also oil my machine when the wicks feel dry. Judy
  12. Hester, I cannot find my instructions, but basically you sew three pieces of fabric together about 8 inches wide. The middle piece is a triangle. Using a ruler, cut 2 (?) inch strips. Flip the strips upside down and this will complete the pattern. Two triangle strips are needed to form the latern. Judy
  13. Teri, The panto is 'spin' by Jodi Beamish. This is my first time using it. It's becoming one of my favorites. Judy C
  14. Here's one I'm working on today. I'm using King Tut thread with bottom line in the bobbin. Judy
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