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  1. Just a note to my last reply. The blood test is probably very expensive and that is why it is not a normal screening test. My doctor insisted I have a BRAC blood test (to see if I am likely to get breast or ovarian cancer) because I have another sister who has had breast cancer. Well, I received a call from the lab itself to tell me my blood was on hold because they were working with our insurance Co. before they did the actual test. I asked how much can a blood test be?!? She said, now get this, $6,000 !!!! In the end my insurance Co. refused to pay, and so did I. There are a lot of test we could all get for screening, but the problem is, the insurance co pays, or we do. My doctor also insisted that I get a breast MRI because it is supposed to be the norm now. NOT!!! We are now paying a $2000 bill. My MRI was clean though, and it will be a good base for if I ever do get breast cancer.
  2. Yes I agree about the blood test, but I'm not sure it is that cut and dry. I know all too much about Ovarian cancer, as my younger sister died at age 40 from it. I learned a lot!!! Like you, I had no idea how deadly and undetected it goes. Her symptoms were quite different than yours. She was bloated and all her joints started to aching. By the time the doctors diagnosed what she had, the cancer had spread. She may have had somewhat of a chance if it had not spread to the brain. In the end, thats what got her. If you know that something, anything is not the normal, then get it checked!
  3. Just have fun with your new machine and dont expect for perfection right away. It takes time and practice. I have been quilting with my Liberty for 2 1/2 years now and still learning! Right now I am having fun making quilted x-mas stockings and table-runners. I live in a small community with a limited number of quilters so I do a lot of quilted items (not just quilts). My next project is to do some quilted pieces of travel pieces (like a small carry-on). Welcome!
  4. We all feel your loss. I wonder if us quilters will get to quilt in heaven?!?! That would be wonderful. Hang in there . . .
  5. Our local quilt group has $4000 in our accout and we always paid for all our longarm quilting. The members have never asked me to longarm their quilts which I am actually grateful for. They used one person before I came along and they still use her. Recently a quilter friend and quilt teacher told us at a workshop that she tells people that come to her with a request for "charity" work, she simply says, "your charity may not necessarily be my charity"! I love that saying. The reason she spoke up was because a member asked me to quilt a raffle quilt for a local church. I did give her a discount though!
  6. When I did a fan quilt, I did SID on the fans and a micro stipple around, and then I sewed a little ribbon and button to the bottom of each one to actually make it look like a fan. I did win first place in a "small" local quilt show with it (voted by the public). Please, it was really nothing!!! Bethany Renolds herself taught the class at a local quilt shop. She lives right here in Maine. It was fun. I have actually done 3 stack and whacks (for kid quilts), and one fan one. They are beautiful if you pick the right material. Last year at the Maine Quilt Show in Agusta, there were several stack and whacks that were just amazing, and some won ribbons. Guess it must be a "Maine" thing!!! Kathy
  7. Thanks all for putting a smile on my face this morning!!! My husband had to ruin it when I went to a Bath and Body foot pampering party last night and he had the "nerve" to ask me how much I spent?!?! I told him THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol But seriously, I actually like to stipple, and now it will be VERMICHELLI, with an Italian accent of course. You know, instead of Target, it\'s Targett, lol. Kathy
  8. Darlene, I think I will order that chantilly lace pattern also. It\'s beautiful and I can see why you would use over and over. Worth the investment. Thanks, Kathy
  9. Thanks for the wonderful advice. Jessica, that is exactly how I was thinking about doing the cc. I\'ve never done it before but I remember seeing an article about it and that was how it was done. I did talk to my client and the quilt is for a girl for graduation and we did decide to do a heart feather wreath in the big blanks and then the cc on the other blocks. I told her that it will not be my charge for simple stipples or panto! I will try to post photos when I finish. Thanks everyone for the great advice. That is why I love this sight. Kathy
  10. Very pretty Jessica. I don\'t think she wants anything very fancy! Thank you Jessica and Linda. I will go to that website Linda. That is a good suggestion. It is a single Irish Chain. The worst part is there are not borders!!! Means I have to be super careful not to pull to taunt so the edges don\'t ripple or tear apart the stitching. YUK!!! I do hate that. We have enough stress worrying about the stitching.
  11. I want to hold her too! She is sweet and I bet that she is not spoiled at all!!! Kathy
  12. Hi everyone, I posted in Ask the Expert forum but I figure most of you check here first. I just got a customer Irish Chain Quilt that is a pretty yellow, blue, and white. My question is, is there any such thing as an Irish Chain Longarm pattern? My customer asked me and I said I would check. If not, what would you all suggest? I prefer to free motion quilt but I will do a panto if need to. Thanks, Kathy
  13. That is such a beautiful room! We have a huge room above the garage and I would love to have it as my quilt room eventually and I think I want it just like yours! A happy room for a happy quilter. Kathy
  14. How do you know if the timing is off?!?! Can you tell I am fairly new?!?!?! Thanks, Kathy
  15. I have a customer who just gave me a Irish Chain Quilt (Blue, white, yellow) and she asked me about doing a irish chain quilt pattern for longarming. Is there such a thing? As you can tell I haven\'t been in business too long, lol. If there is no such pattern, what would someone suggest? The backing is white so I will use white thread. Thank god there isn\'t too much blue in the pattern. I really prefer to free motion and not use a panto but I will use a panto if I need to. Thanks