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  1. Jeannine

    Ideas on middle block?

    Thanks for the info Hitomi
  2. Jeannine

    Ideas on middle block?

    I love it. What is the pattern please? Great job!
  3. Andrea T Funk has a great book for making tshirt quilts with no sashing. I bought the book, but have not tried one yet. I personally like the look better than with sashing.
  4. Breathe taking.............took my breathe away! I'm sure it will be a winner.
  5. I love how your quilting just makes the applique pop! Great Job
  6. Jeannine

    Quilt labels

    I do as Betty does, using 1" strips of the quilting backing fabric, so that after it is sewed on, the frame around the actual label seems to disappear. I usually put a small oval picture of the quilt on the label.
  7. Jeannine


    Is there any such tool for a DM on a grace frame, or anything similar? Thanks
  8. Jeannine

    Halloween wall hanging....

    Adorable, I love Halloween. I'm anxious to try texture magic on one of my projects. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Jeannine

    Donated Quilt

    Thank you all for your kind words. It is great to have others support your efforts. For those that asked, yes it has a name it is called "Journey Through the Universe". When I first designed it, it was just lines on the paper and the more I played around with the design, it took on a life of it's own. So much for being in charge!
  10. Jeannine

    Donated Quilt

    I don't know how to post more than one photo at a time so please be patient. Thanks
  11. Here are some pictures of the wall hanging I just finished to donate to our local PBS station auction. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I not only pieced and quilted it, but also designed it. Thanks for looking.
  12. Jeannine

    Looking for fabric

    It is a Michelle D'Amour fabric and I will try calling, but on the internet sites they have none of this particular pattern, only the coordinating fabrics in the Alfresco line. Thanks for your suggestions.
  13. does anyone out there any of this fabric or know where I can get some. I have exhausted every ggogle search and have come up empty. I can make due with 1 1/2 yards but would like 2 yards. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Jeannine

    opinions please

    Great quilt, did your customer design it herself, or was it a pattern? Love what you have done with it so far. I like the idea of adding many stars within the circle.
  15. Jeannine

    Question on Thread

    Thank you all for your your input. I think I will try all your suggestions on a few scraps and see which I prefer. You can never have enough thread anyway. Kristina, I too saw the design in a magazine and also did the hot air balloon. I changed up the colors, so it would look like the ground to the sky. I plan on giving it as a thank you gift to my girlfriend who lives in Vermont on 360 acres and has a bunch of us over for a quilt weekend every January. I have attached a picture. Not quilted yet. making one with your school colors and logo sounds like a wonderful idea. Good luck, it was a fun quilt to make.