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  1. absolutely stunning !!!! I have a friend who would kill for that. lol
  2. The dog says don't sweat it. Mom and Dad will take care of it. LOL
  3. beautiful !!! you really have patience to make 3 of these. I like the panto.
  4. I used a 10 ft length of schedule 40 drain pipe smaller diameter. I put a block of 2x4 on the wall first {screwed on} at each end. Then I drilled holes in the pipe and screwed it to the 2x4 pieces. If wanted you can add more 2x4 s to make it more sturdy or to make separate sections. Carol
  5. Jim I wind all kinds of bobbins on my turbo winder for millie. Steel, aluminum , both ,one hole lots of holes, a lot of holes on one side and none on the other. That being said I liked the bobbin winder for Ultimate II better. Carol
  6. I love your quilting. !! I want to quilt as good as you when I grow up. Carol
  7. The Ultimate II has a 20" throat. I even quilted large quilts on it. No it did not hurt my neck or back. The Gammill was heavy but it was a heavier, bigger machine. It was hard to time. I have to time 4 things to get it working again. I am going to stay with APQS.
  8. very beautiful and very nice!! I think you have it whipped. We are our own worst critic. Carol
  9. I sold my first quilter ,Ultimate II, because I bought a grocery store. When that didn't work I bought a used Gammill had a stitch reg put on it he didn't know what he was doing it would never run full speed again. Bought another Ultimate II for a machine to do small things. Then I bought a used Millie because I was dying for stitch reg, which I don't use it. lol. Sold my ultimate II to someone else because I had health problems. Still have Millie and don't plan on letting her go because I am much better.I have been machine quilting for 22 years. Carol
  10. I serge all the edges before I apply the binding. Carol
  11. I can almost everything in a pressure canner. To me a cold water bath takes to long.
  12. Glad you got it the way you wanted it !!
  13. Use pure dawn dish washing liquid put it on the stain let it set a few minutes then put a warm wash cloth over it and rub out. Carol the Quilt Lady
  14. looks like top thread is too tight and bobbin thread needs to be tighter. Carol