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  1. Well, I sold the 1171 on Saturday, it was sad to see it leave the house! I have the 1475CD still to sell. Asking $800, entertaining all offers.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, but asked if I could post, and was told yes, so.... I have two Pfaff sewing machines to sell, an 1171 for $400 and a 1475CD for $800. I will consider all offers. I live in Annapolis, Maryland, and would rather not ship, but if needed, buyer will need to pay for shipping. I tried Craig’s list, and was entrenched in a common scam, so am trying other outlets. I have pictures, and they have both been recently serviced so that I could sell with confidence. I'm off to embroidery, and "short" arm quilting land. Thanks for reading, and happy sewing. PS love the site, you guys are amazing. Cheryl