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  1. Thank you Joan, I am still getting it set up. I put me a sandwich on it and I know it is on wrong so back I go tomorrow to try again. I think it is a good machine so far. The adjuster comes on Tuesday or Wednesday to make all the final adjustments. The laser light is not working so he will fix that. Now to learn to use it.
  2. Hey now that quilt is beautiful and I love the way it is quilted. Great suggestions and in 10 years hahaha when I learn to use the machine I will be able to do that if I am still living. LOL Thank you for the kind words and not minding if I post here but it is the only forum I have ever been on and never owned a machine until now. I picked it up today we set it up and now to tired to play on it. I am thinking it will need new leaders and don't know about those zipper things. The stained glass window quilt has been meandered I had forgotten I had it done just needs the binding and hang it. The guy gave me some panto's and thread and the mechanic will come next week to make sure everything is just right. He say I can play on it till he comes and teaches me. I got the machine from prodigy I posted photos in the post where I was looking for a machine. This thing is like a tank. I will take some new photos when I get the room fixed up. Tickled pink for right now hoping all goes well with the machine. Pray for the family's in Connecticut. Marcella
  3. I have been saving these quilts for quite a while now (several years) any suggestions on how to quilt them?? I have plenty of time since I have never done this. Not sure it is ok to ask since I don't have a Millie Thanks Marcella (Marcie) This is a Christmas quilt with connected pie shapes to form blocks. This is a design I call stained glass This is a rooster applique This is a bear quilt I made for a friend whom they call Bear Man and Bear Moma: This is one block not found the picture of full quilt
  4. How wonderful Heidi, I love my Grand-daughter she is now 4 I think I will stop the search for a machine right at the moment I will try again at a later time. Take care Marcie (Marcella)
  5. Thanks anyway Heidi I am waiting on response from several that are on here, I hope they are getting my messages!!!!! I forgot to ask what are you going to Wilmington for? It is a nose problem I have hahahaha
  6. What a cutie my Grand Daughter would love him and I tell ya she is a mess.
  7. Hi Heidi, I am about 1 hour from Mary Jo's LOVE that shop I get my fabrics there. Can you bring me a machine on your way LOL Have a great trip. Marcella
  8. I sent you a private message did you get it? Still looking for a machine. Thanks Marcella
  9. Is the machine still for sale? You are the closest to me that I have found so far. I sent you a message what all comes with the machine as far as accessories? Thanks Marcella
  10. I am located in the Forest City area of NC, Raleigh is about 5 hrs from me. The proto machine is for sale from the manufacture who does the service and built the machine. I think I will hold out for a APQS machine. Marcella
  11. The quilting is stunning it makes the quilt design even better. Good JOB
  12. It has stitch regulator and speed control and I did some sewing on the machine. The new machines they sell are the prodogy machines that is about all I know right now.
  13. Hi all, I went and tried the machine and took some photos. I like the hydrolic lift on the take up roller I don't know if this is standard on all machines and or frames? The roller do not have gears they lock in on the end and roll with a touch of a button forward or reverse. It has the locking thingys, I forget what they are called but so you can sew streight to align the quilt I think? Let me know what you all think it is very important to me. The machine was traded to him for a new one she was a dealer. They have new machines now for around 17k they were impressive also
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