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  1. UPDATE: Customer came to get her quilt and we had it hanging...she was so excited at how it turned out and then we let her know what happened with the backing and that we would like to not charge her for our mistake. She said absolutely not that she would feel horrible if we didn't charge her. We decided to give her a gift certificate for 25% off her next quilt and she was completely happy with that. She didn't think it was noticeble and felt it was no big deal. What a relief, we were almost giddy after that. Whew...hope that never happens again!! Thanks to all of you for all of your words of wisdom!!
  2. Okay girls. After reading the posts and talking with my sister she came in to the studio early this morning, she couldn't stop thinking about it, and bummer to the third degree...she had the top rotated. The customer had just enough but she put it on wrong. Now I'm really sick. The top looks fabulous and not so bad where she added the extra, but it is noticeble. So what to do now. For those of you who did do this what was your solution to the customer?
  3. I feel like its our fault for not double checking and making sure all measurements were correct. We do this as a team and I took in the quilt and she put it on, somewhere along the way we missed making sure all was correct, put it on and quilted it. I feel like we dropped the ball and it's embarrasing. It's not life threatening but still dissapointing. I guess as a professional I feel like we should know that it's too short before we quilt i said dummy doo!! It will all come out as it should and we will survive but humbling none the less.
  4. Had a great customer bring in two of her quilts. One we finished up last week and she was very happy with it. Sis put on the customers other quilt. It's a beauty and very large king. Quilted up nicely until she got to the end...and dang the backing is about 6 inches too short. Now What?! I'm feeling pretty bad cause she is just sick. It's such a dummy doo! And now we are in a pickle...what do we do. There is enough backing on the side of the quilt to add to the bottom, but then there will be a seem and directional issues, subtle but there. We will eat the cost of the quilting and hopefully the customer will be okay and not throw something at us...this was going to be a wedding quilt and all I want to do is cry, or throw up right now...definitely throw throw up...uggghhh anyone else have this happen:(
  5. Thank you all so much for your comments!! It really helped me and was a reminder that I can be a little petty when I'm tired. She put time into it and I should do my best with what I have and be happy with my quilting and hope she will like it too. These are the quilts that make me a better quilter because it makes me think I like the thought of music notes, thank you Shirley!
  6. I haven't been on here for a while but thought of all you when I came across this delimma. I had a new customer come into our studio and she has this quilt she made for her brother. She used old swing dancing shirts of his and cheap fabric from JoAnn's. ( her words not mine ) She did a card trick pattern and every other block she has embroderied swing dancers, this is the only unique thing about this quilt. Sashing is in purple and hot pink. Okay, so she says she wants the cheapist thing we can do and "nothing fancy, it's for her brother and he probably wont do anything with it, she used cheap fabric so nothing fancy." BUT THE KICKER. after I get her invoice finished and we have went through the entire visit of what she wants...she says "I will be entering it in the fair this summer". WHAT? but she wants the cheepiest thing and this is one ugly quilt. I don't know what to do. I have received some great customers from our local fair so I want to do something nice but she is not willing to pay for it. What would you do? I can't post a picture at this time due to my computer issues so you are missing the shock and awe of this quilt ) Thank you for any advice!
  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I have one to work on for a customer and they are all T's from the Greatful Dead, all differerent size of emblems in the middle...ohh, thank goodness I have some time to think on this one.
  8. Thank you all so much! I thought this after thinking on it ALL NIGHT but wanted to check with you experts. This is a beautiful quilt with loads of problems, I am learning so much on this one...and like Abigail says, I need to laugh and keep telling myself I can do this!!
  9. I'm really hoping that you gals can help me out on a beast of a quilt I'm currently doing. It is a 5 point star, super queen, a wonky uneven mess. Now after spending what seems like hours getting it pinned on and using the amazing starch and steam technique i have finally started quilting. It is Muslin on the back white and blue on the top, 100% cotton batting. The star is all dark blues, background around the star is all white. I have used white in the bobbin and top for the background quilting because it is all white, but what should I use for the star. If I use blue on the star, which would look best I have been struggling with the tension and not having the blue show on the underneath. pick pick now, do I use blue in the bobbin and blue on top as I do the star or white in both? I guess my question is, after venting all of this, how do we dicide which thread to use when there is a white back and a dark top. Thank for any help, this one has had me really wondering about my ability to keep doing this. Tracie in Idaho
  10. I would never put something like this on my machine but I thought you would all get a kick out of this request. I would venture to say one of the weirdest ones!! Could you imagine, you would be sewing and having a bear looking up at you. WEIRRRRRRDDDD!!! LOL
  11. He is a taxidermist and not sure of any other information. Here in Idaho they get tags for bear, cats, and other game. I think it would be such a mess!!
  12. So we get this email from our web site (we actually know the guy from High weird!) and this is the e-mail: I was wondering if you might be interested in doing the backing and felt work on my bear rugs. At this time I am have a wholesaler in montana stretching them after I mount them and sewing on the felt and backing. I don't know if the equipment that you have will work for something this heavy, but it doesn't hurt to ask. What do you all think?
  13. All my thread is From Superior Thread, king Tut, Bottom line, and So Fine, without tracking through the snow out to the studio I believe the purple i have is King Tut varigated. I hope you all you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas. Enjoy the snow, it looks as though most of us have it with abundance good thing we snowboard!! Lots of powdery snow is easier on mom Tracie
  14. okay, so i have had this hanging all day and I even did, as some of you suggested, and made a copy of the quilt and used plastic and wipe off marker and came up with a nice design. I think, what I came up with, would actually be really nice but would take a lot more time. PLUS, okay, here goes, I'm not super confident on the front of the machine yet . So I have all of these issues going on in my brain. Part of me really would like to do this as a custom, but I lack the experience to call her and change the original decisions with confidence. I do have a panto I think would be nice and close to what you all have shown here, it's from Golden Threads and it's called Featheration it's 13" (one of you might have suggested that one) . Thank you all so much for your adivce, I really really appreciate it!!!
  15. Thank you all for your comments!! We so appreciate it. When the customer was here we pooled some thread out onto the quilt to help her decide which thread she would like us to use and she did pick the purple she thought the nutral would show up too much in the purple areas. So do you ever change the thread color once the customer picks it? Should we call her and tell her that we think the nutral thread would look better? Also, when a customer wants to pay for an edge to edge but you think it would look better with something a little more custom how do you approach that? Eula, I opend my picture up in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then clicked "edit picture" and it gave me the option to resize, when I clicked resize it gave me a few different options, one was for sizeing it for the web so i clicked that and whala, wierd, things usually do not work out for me that easily. Thank you again all of you for you input, it sure does help!!! Tracie Twin Stitchin (Idaho, burrrrrr, lots of snow and cold)