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  1. finally finished my King size Texas Lonestar. Quilted on my George.
  2. very cute indeed. Can't wait to see the completed project..
  3. Finally finished the Persian Queen Quilt. Thanks for the suggestions on quilting ideas. Been having trouble with my right arm going numb so things taking much longer to do. Shams are quilted but not put together yet. Did outlining on the motifs for the center. varied on the strips. Dark border is feathered swirl and blue border is feathers, swag,piano keys and circles just because I had not tried it before. This is my quilt for the guest room. The third picture is the design on the turquoise border the color just came out weird in the photo for some reason.
  4. What a beautiful wedding gift. Love your quilting on it.
  5. finally got madallions done. Used gold magnifico thread. Polyester looks like metallic.
  6. Did a carpenter star out of Batiks, had more problems with that than anything else. Had to go up to a larger needle and used the glide polyester on it. Used matching color thread and you could not even see the quilting on it. Hang in there, keep fiddling with tension. Also used a lot of needles before I went up to the larger size. Holes closed up when I wash it and looked ok.
  7. Just finished top and sham tops for guestroom. Now I have to figure out how to quilt it. Since this quilt was to show off the fabric, quilting won't show much anyway. There are lots of colors and gold accents so I am calling it my queen of Persia quilt. Could not find a pattern that did not chop up designs so used EQ7 and designed my own. also finished another carpenter star in Batiks for a friend. Those Batiks were something else.
  8. feel your pain. Last year I quilted an embroidered quilt that cost over 250.00 for raw materials before even quilting it. Think the winning bid was 200 only after the auctioneer said you have to be kidding when the top bid was 100. Next time think I will just donate to the cause and not waste my time making a quilt.
  9. I am allergic to wool so have never used it in quilting. Have any of you been sensitive to wool batting?
  10. that is absolutely adorable. Love that border, will have to find that stencil.
  11. I have had the rings for awhile and love the 11 inch. Really gives you a lot of space to work in.
  12. Cindy, called and Amy listened to it over the phone and said it was normal noise.
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