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  1. My Millenium that was purchased in 2001 said it could wind a bobbin while you sewed. It would not do this so I contacted the company and they said they had worked out the kinks in their new model. I sent in my old circuit board and they sent me the new one. Now my machine is up to date. So I guess saying computerized was the wrong word. The apqs company is wonderful and has always been very helpful in everything. Thanks for your interest. Mary
  2. I have a complete business for sale. Machine, Patterns, Hartley Fence, Thread, Extended Base, Circles, Templates. The patterns I have are amazing and work so well with all quilt styles. I have at least $20,000.00 invested in this and have only quilted 70 quilts on this machine. The machine is 7 yrs.old but I have updated the computer to reflect all of the specialized features so it is like brand new. I did not update due to problems but wanted the newest features. I am selling all for $13,500. I work full time and want to pay off my car loan. Please call me at 208-691-2403. I am willing to set it up if you are local otherwise I have all of the instructions, video and original shipping cases to ship. You will have to provide the expense of shipping. Thanks for your interest Mary