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  1. isn't it amazing what GOD can do i will prey for ya'll God Bless Pamela ps my best friend in the whole world has 22 brain tumors and is pretty much ok she has a few problems but she is doing good!!!!!!
  2. hi everyone i have only done mendering and stippling on my sewing machine i would like to teach myself how to do feathers is there any advice or web sites that can show me how thank you and God Bless;)
  4. ive been cutting and sewing for a week now and the cutting and piecing directions are wrong good thing i caught this after sewing 120 pieces. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  5. thank you so much for the encouragement it really helps
  6. im working really hard to make my king quilt and im going to have a hard time quilting it because i only have a sewing machine and it's hard to fit a king quilt in a sewing machine but im on disability so i will never be able to afford a quilting machine oh well what can you do. God Bless Everyone
  7. well i almost have all 880 pieces cut out i love to quilt time goes by so fast
  8. i found a very good tutorial at
  9. thank you for the advice i think i should practice first because i am making a king size quilt
  10. ok everyone i found my pattern Larisa's Folly and i have the templates. oh my gosh it is paper piecing i have never done this before so i look on line and it says to use blank news paper print so i go get a roll of that from my local news paper then i have to cut 120 pieces down to 8.5x11 to fit in my printer then i have to feed the paper in 1 by 1 because it try's to suck all the paper in at once. so now i have to cut out all the patterns then i read to starch my fabric pieces to make it easyer? all 880 pieces the pattern has solid lines and dashes so which line do i sew on? does anyone have any tips or advice on paper piecing please help. thank you
  11. my e-mail is thank you so much and God Bless You
  12. i called the magazine and they dont still have the pattern so now what do i do