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  1. Hi All Thank you Sheagatzi for starting this topic, and thank you all, for giving some really good advice. I just ordered my business cards and am really ready to turn this into a full time commitment. Right now I have about 6 regular customers, they are friends as well and I know Im not charging what I should be, I think charging by the hour might be the way to go.
  2. Thanks guys ! can I tell you how big my head is swelled ) I have a picture of the whole quilt and a close up of the back, this is wall hanging for my daughter.
  3. Thank you ! Yes it is exciting seeing your first pic post...I have been lurking on here for years and finally feel up to par with my quilting to post a photo, you are all such talented people. I have learned so many tips for everyone and everyone is sooo friendly here... feels like a home
  4. well finally I was able to post my quilt...never give up ... right
  5. Ok lets try this again...thanks for the advice on posting pictures...keeping fingers crossed !
  6. If at first you dont succeed, read the directions...I will post the pic after I read the directions
  7. Hi to everyone, It's funny to read how many lurkers are out there, and I admit I was lurking also. I have been reading your posts for about a month now and, what beautiful quilts everyone has...Also some excellent tips and new ideas! I think I am ready to get out of the boat in my quilting and try some new designs....you all are real inspiring. Amy