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  1. Give APQS Service a call, Sheri - even though your machine isn't under warranty, they will still help you figure out what the issue is and how to fix it.
  2. Gigi, I have a customer here in the Seattle area who is looking to sell her Lenni. Email me at info@apqsnw.com and we'll discuss details.
  3. My customer, Amy Epperson, is going to talk to her husband tonight and will likely be in touch with you. She planned to add QP at some point, so may be interested, if the prices is right. You will have to get a different QP carriage, anyway, to accommodate a Millie 30 (or ANY MY19 or newer machine) . If necessary, I think I do have a Bliss Millie non-QP carriage on hand - would have to check and would need to have it replaced before November.
  4. Karen, I may have a customer interested in this machine. You will be providing a standard Bliss carriage, correct? Barb
  5. I'll have to go back and watch the videos myself - I thought they explained fully. Another resource is the Files Section on the Quilt Path User Group Facebook Page - I think there are several documents there about creating pantographs. For myself, when I'm quilting my way down a quilt, I use Quilt As Rows and have no problem with the computer placing the rows accurately. You can also take a look at Angela Clark's website, www.threadwaggle.com - she's got Quilt Path tutorials there and she runs online classes that you might find useful.
  6. Jamie, there are a number of videos about Quilt Path on YouTube - you'll especially want to look at the three or four that apply to Pantographs. Search YouTube for "APQS Quilt Path." And the answer to your question is definitely!!
  7. Jamie, when you choose Quilt As a Pattern, instead of Quilt As Rows, you shouldn't need the Move to Left, etc. since you're doing the entire layout as a single pattern...
  8. Stan, the biggest advantage to our Facebook pages is the fact that those of us who follow the various groups get instant notifications that someone needs help. These forums have to be checked periodically, which can sometimes fall through the cracks. And even if we see and respond to a post, the user might not see our response for some time. On Facebook, our interaction can be in real time - and is a searchable resource for other users. Yes, these forums are a similar resource and are searchable, but they don't feed past users' eyes, where someone might say, "Wait, that's just like what I experienced!"
  9. Well, hello there, friend!! Glad you're doing well down in Florida! FYI, you're unlikely to find many owners with an eight-foot table, since that hasn't been a stock size for most machines. But if you know of a good welder, he/she can cut a longer table and rollers down to whatever size you wish. Come find the rest of the group on Facebook - search for "We Love APQS."
  10. I still couldn't find your post of FB - if you'll send me a Friend Request (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Mayfield), I'll make sure you get any answers you need!
  11. I'll look for your post. FB is definitely the fastest place to get help - usually!
  12. Lucy, do both of your back toggles act the same way? And I looked for your Facebook post but didn't see it - which page did you post to?
  13. Susan, I'm not familiar with Tri-Flow lubricant but I've never seen it used on an APQS machine. Take a look at the Cleaning and Oiling instructions that came with your Lucey - those instructions keep our machines ticking along as they should!
  14. Patti, can you post photos of the machine and its tag? We may be able to help identify the manufacturer. I'd say APQS, except that they're not the only manufacturer in Iowa. It's probably not worth cleaning up for resale, but if it's in working condition, you can still quilt with it.
  15. Sharon, I'll take the Scoop Foot! How do you want to do this? I can mail you a check or give you cc info over the phone.
  16. The update started rolling out in late 2019 and was expected to be complete by now. Email dawn@apqs.com - chances are that your update notice wound up in your spam folder or APQS didn't have a correct email address for you. Update is easy, shouldn't take you long to complete! If you're a Facebook user, you should have seen the notices on the QP FB page, as well.
  17. If you go to Facebook and search for the "We Love APQS" group, there's a Millie/Freddie manual in the Files Section.
  18. Quilterguy, we need to get you onto the QP FB page. Friend me, Angela Hugli Clark or Heidi Patterson, include a message that you own QP and need help, and we'll get you added. Once you're in the group, you can post the specifics of your problem and get immediate assistance. Be sure to include either a screenshot of your error message, or the Runtime Error #, so we can diagnose properly.
  19. Barbra, you would be better off if you started a new topic for this, rather than tack it on to an existing thread. Or go to the We Love APQS page on Facebook. But I'm betting the solution is an easy one: it sounds like your needle is in backwards. Locking in the lowest position is a classic symptom. Check that the groove that runs the length of the needle is facing front (towards you as you stand at the machine). If that's not it, give APQS a call - they can walk you through other diagnostics.
  20. I find nothing in the archives about the drive belt replacement. Call or email APQS Service - I'm sure they can walk you through it.
  21. Well, that's not polite! Give the Service Department a call on the APQS Toll Free number. I will also see if I can dig up instructions out of our archives.
  22. Hmmmm, looking back at your photo, I don't see screw threads. Send the photo to service@apqs.com and ask for their advice.
  23. Donna, you're missing a post which holds a laser pointer (see photo). Send an email to service@apqs.com and they'll get you going!
  24. Instructions will come with the part, if you order from APQS.
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