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  1. Wow Karol! That looks great - I'm wondering too, how did you back those? p.s. someone really liked the "blunt" t-shirts?! LOL
  2. Karol - it's so nice to "see" you! I hope you can enjoy the mini quilt at birthday celebrations - Happy Birthday in advance!
  3. See Doodlebugs:
  4. Are you still going to quilt for yourself? I have so relied on your tips and been inspired by your work!!! Best wishes to you!
  5. Hi Linda and Adam: I have the stylus that fits the R&S boards - is your's that same size? Is the CL the only stylus that is larger than all the others?
  6. Here's One:
  7. Don't know how to add 2 photos at a time . . . . This was made by Corey in California! Thank you Corey!!!! And Doodlebug for setting this up!
  8. Received my mini quilt Saturday! It's a Christmas quilt and so much fun to receive at the end of this hot summer! The quilter put some "bling" embellishment on it and invited me to add - How FUN is that????!!!!! Here are some photos:
  9. Bev - depending on what type of quilting is in the rest of the quilt could determine what to do in this 2" inner border. But for a smaller quilt (not a large queen-king size because the large one would be easier to put back on the frame?!), I have done SID on my DSM (with a walking foot or some kind of even-feed). Then it would be quick to echo 1/4" or stitch down the center, or meander a ribbon. And as everyone said - YES use a matching thread!
  10. Here is a tutorial with C's and E's - what do you know (learn something new everyday)!!
  11. Hello New Millie: my 2 cents - make sure your quilt sandwich isn't too tight - doesn't even have to be "taut". This has solved 99% of my personal issues (well, in quilting anyway) and I find with contrasting bobbin and top thread - the looser sandwich helps the stitches lock in the center. Must see photos when done!
  12. Did they say CC's because that can mean continuous curve? I know how to quilt e's and l's (the same way you write in cursive only straight up and down).