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  1. Wow Karol! That looks great - I'm wondering too, how did you back those? p.s. someone really liked the "blunt" t-shirts?! LOL
  2. Karol - it's so nice to "see" you! I hope you can enjoy the mini quilt at birthday celebrations - Happy Birthday in advance!
  3. See Doodlebugs:
  4. Are you still going to quilt for yourself? I have so relied on your tips and been inspired by your work!!! Best wishes to you!
  5. Hi Linda and Adam: I have the stylus that fits the R&S boards - is your's that same size? Is the CL the only stylus that is larger than all the others?
  6. Here's One:
  7. Don't know how to add 2 photos at a time . . . . This was made by Corey in California! Thank you Corey!!!! And Doodlebug for setting this up!
  8. Received my mini quilt Saturday! It's a Christmas quilt and so much fun to receive at the end of this hot summer! The quilter put some "bling" embellishment on it and invited me to add - How FUN is that????!!!!! Here are some photos:
  9. Bev - depending on what type of quilting is in the rest of the quilt could determine what to do in this 2" inner border. But for a smaller quilt (not a large queen-king size because the large one would be easier to put back on the frame?!), I have done SID on my DSM (with a walking foot or some kind of even-feed). Then it would be quick to echo 1/4" or stitch down the center, or meander a ribbon. And as everyone said - YES use a matching thread!
  10. Here is a tutorial with C's and E's - what do you know (learn something new everyday)!!
  11. Hello New Millie: my 2 cents - make sure your quilt sandwich isn't too tight - doesn't even have to be "taut". This has solved 99% of my personal issues (well, in quilting anyway) and I find with contrasting bobbin and top thread - the looser sandwich helps the stitches lock in the center. Must see photos when done!
  12. Did they say CC's because that can mean continuous curve? I know how to quilt e's and l's (the same way you write in cursive only straight up and down).
  13. I learned on a Gammill and worked in a shop for a few months on a Gammill - I bought APQS (used) then up-graded to the APQS Ultimate I (used) but I only quilt for myself and friends (occasional commission). If I went into business I would buy APQS! Their customer service is great! During business hours you can call and usually speak to a tech right away (the only time I called was when we were installing a new hopping foot). As Heidi said, any problems are usually fixed with a little tweak here and there (unlike the Gammill at the shp - when it went down, it was down). The shop owner was a sewing machine repairman and he still wasn't able to usually fix it - it would have to be sent in. Now, IMHO, when a Gammill is "working" well it is very nice to use! but the APQS is always working well and with the edgerider wheels it's comparable! Also, APQS is constantly making upgrades, accessories, etc. and even will help you with some after-market products! It is a great machine (and I don't even have SR, auto advance, and a couple of the cool things the new machines have!) Good Luck!
  14. It is really cool! I hooked it together and plugged it in - it works GREAT! When I plan to do X-hatching, it will be from the front (if behind applique) and it's easy to reach and lift the up-front stylus and when I'm X-hatching from the back, I will continue to use the R&S boards and stylus. (which is a different size groove?!) Thanks!
  15. I recently bought a "new to me" CL from a gal who thought she had the up-front stylus (which I really wanted!) Turned out to be the push button you can use from the front to lift the stylus in the back (X-hatch for example). I ordered the up-front stylus from Michael but have since decided I won't use this push button since I already use R&S (X-hatch, etc) boards from the back and I am only going to use the CL from the front. So, I could sell it to someone for $90 (+ shipping) that is 60% of new! OR I could trade for some templates (looking for Gingko, Aztec, or Sprio-thingy) if someone has some they aren't using?! email me at
  16. I'm in! I'm a relatively new user - but I am hooked! SO EASY TO USE. Thanks,
  17. This is a quilt top on that website you mentioned - it is in "doodlebug" fabrics!
  18. Hi - just click on U2U under my post and you can send me a private message.
  19. Love my Ultimate I also! Sparkle had added an "after-market" stitch regulator to hers, kinda pricey but other seem to LOVE it (I do o.k. without one). I think APQS might have a SR you can add? I have the 14 ft table, my husband added the "raised-sides" hopping foot (my model had the older "spoon" type foot). And of course I finally added the edgerider wheels (wonderful!), but I hear the M&M ones are even better (hard to believe!). I have added some extras: circle lord, extended base, laser. If you want to send me your email address, I would be happy to send you all of the "info/photos/notes" etc that I have collected for the last few years about the Ultimate I.
  20. I just got in - is it me or are their prices lower?! SHOPPING!