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  1. Congratulations! I saw it in person at the show and it is just beautiful, the quilting really elevated this quilt to a whole new level!!
  2. My favorite is potato soup - diced potatoes and a small onion, chopped. Put it in a pot with just enough water to barely cover. Cook till the potatoes are tender. Then remove from heat and add a package of cream cheese (cubed, stir until melted in). Then add a stick of butter (real butter is best), sliced, again, stir until melted. Put it back on the burner on medium. Add a can of Cream of Mushroom, and a can of Cream of Celery soup. Stir to incorporate. Then add milk, anywhere from 1/2 cup to a cup - until it is the consistency you like. Add pepper and garlic salt to taste. Heat until it's up to serving temp. We like to add baked potato toppings to our bowls (shredded cheese, chopped chives, bacon bits, etc.) The funniest part of my recipe is that it uses all that fattening cream cheese and butter . . . . . then I use skim milk at the end, yeah, like THAT will make it less bad for me, lol.
  3. I'm with everyone on this - take the stove. If you take it and eventually don't want it . . . . you can dispose of it. But if you DON'T take it, and eventually want it . . . . you're stuck. Even if you only put it in your garage and occasionally sit there in a lawn chair and drink a lemonade and visit it, it will still make you happy and remind you of good times with your mom. Now, full disclosure. We had a similarly sticky-wicket situation with "she of whom we no longer speak" (feel free to adopt the title for your sister, trust me, it begins to roll right off you toungue once you say it enough, LOL) and a piano that had been in my dad's family. We finally did send movers to the former step-mom's home for the piano and paid a fair amount to get it. It sits in my sister's living room, hardly ever gets played (holds laundry pretty good though ) , but it reminds her of dad whenever she sees it - and that's a good enough reason for all the fuss we went through! Good luck, there are just no good answers here, and each choice has a list of "cons" that almost outweigh the "pros" - that's how it is sometimes.
  4. calicokat

    Snow Day

    Wow Kari, how exciting! And a beautiful quilt as well
  5. Oh Lora, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for the continued loss you are going through as your relationship with your sister "dies" as well. No wonder you are crying and still reeling - the unsettled-ness of the estate/house keeps your heart and mind stirred up, not allowing you to move forward with the actual grieving of the loss of your mom. I think you have received excellent advice about the stove - and I agree, bring it home and keep it. It will make your heart happy each time you see it, whether you ever use it or not. And most folks I know buy a house and replace the appliances pronto - so this precious, vintage piece will end up in a landfill in the first week or two! Seems like people want the nicest and newest stuff - hard to find someone who will love such a wonderful antique! As to the relationships, they will never "go back to before" - you will now have a "new normal" and it will not be as close or loving probably. That's something else you will have to grieve - the loss of the relationship you had with your sister, and any lingering resentment with the other sister for not stepping up and taking your side. In time the bad feelings may fade, but you might never have that same closeness (and parts of you may wonder how close you "really" were all those years.) Sending [[[hugs]]] because you need them, and keeping you in my prayers too as you navigate through this first Christmas without your mom - I hope the extra prayers from all of us for healing and comfort go a long way in helping you get through the next few weeks.
  6. Oh Rita, that's the pits! Will be praying for healing of this virus and peace & comfort while you are stuck in the hospital. Sending [[[hugs]]]] your way too, just cause you surely need them!
  7. Praying for a successful surgery and full recovery. Hoping the surgery relieves the pain and restores your hand function to 100%
  8. Glad I got to go this past May, it was my first show, and I guess might be the last now. Well I sure hate to see it go by the wayside - if only because I had free lodging with an Aunt & Uncle there in Cedar Rapids
  9. I have the Leadergrips, and a friend has the Red Snappers. The leadergrips are not quite as bulky as the snappers, but not enough of a difference to solve your problem
  10. Bonnie - the 18 year old thing is nationwide. I never thought about it with quilting, thanks for the heads up Sylvia!
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