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  1. Congratulations! I saw it in person at the show and it is just beautiful, the quilting really elevated this quilt to a whole new level!!
  2. My favorite is potato soup - diced potatoes and a small onion, chopped. Put it in a pot with just enough water to barely cover. Cook till the potatoes are tender. Then remove from heat and add a package of cream cheese (cubed, stir until melted in). Then add a stick of butter (real butter is best), sliced, again, stir until melted. Put it back on the burner on medium. Add a can of Cream of Mushroom, and a can of Cream of Celery soup. Stir to incorporate. Then add milk, anywhere from 1/2 cup to a cup - until it is the consistency you like. Add pepper and garlic salt to taste. Heat
  3. I'm with everyone on this - take the stove. If you take it and eventually don't want it . . . . you can dispose of it. But if you DON'T take it, and eventually want it . . . . you're stuck. Even if you only put it in your garage and occasionally sit there in a lawn chair and drink a lemonade and visit it, it will still make you happy and remind you of good times with your mom. Now, full disclosure. We had a similarly sticky-wicket situation with "she of whom we no longer speak" (feel free to adopt the title for your sister, trust me, it begins to roll right off you toungue on
  4. calicokat

    Snow Day

    Wow Kari, how exciting! And a beautiful quilt as well
  5. Oh Lora, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for the continued loss you are going through as your relationship with your sister "dies" as well. No wonder you are crying and still reeling - the unsettled-ness of the estate/house keeps your heart and mind stirred up, not allowing you to move forward with the actual grieving of the loss of your mom. I think you have received excellent advice about the stove - and I agree, bring it home and keep it. It will make your heart happy each time you see it, whether you ever use it or not. And most folks I know buy a house and replace the appli
  6. Oh Rita, that's the pits! Will be praying for healing of this virus and peace & comfort while you are stuck in the hospital. Sending [[[hugs]]]] your way too, just cause you surely need them!
  7. Praying for a successful surgery and full recovery. Hoping the surgery relieves the pain and restores your hand function to 100%
  8. Oh wow! These are both great. I really like the imaginative and variety of quilting in your white space on the Irish chain - way cool!
  9. Yep, you're in a bind. She won't fit with the buffs because she's the lowest in pecking order, & they pick on her, but with the youngers, she wants to be top hen and picks on them. We've had that too, and it's sad to see because the chickens like to be in a flock - not loners. Maybe putting a couple of the buffs into "time out" cages for a week (we use dog kennel/cages when we have to resort to this.) If you have a place to keep them separated, maybe in a garage or barn - out of sight and hopefully isolated. Leave the buff you think could be lowest in the group of three with M
  10. Oh it's just lovely! I bet it's even more striking in person, wish I had been at the show to drool on it in person CONGRATS!!!!
  11. Way to go! The quilts are beautiful and your quilting - wow! Congratulations
  12. This turned out perfectly! Your quilting add just the right touch, well done
  13. I usually don't stipple, but a stipple back ground might be just "quiet" enough to make the embroidery pop, so that might be my choice for those big blocks. I like Egg & Dart for the small sashings between blocks, feathers for the outer border. I think those are traditional choices that will fit this top.
  14. What an exciting adventure! Take your time and enjoy the process as much as you can
  15. I don't know that I would want to escalate this to registered letters, the BBB and "must be done by" dates - that may create a very difficult working relationship. And remember, she is in possession of your quilt. You stand to lose it all if this goes haywire. You said she's quit working on it because she is not happy that you won't pay her - I don't imagine that drawing a line in the sand is going to help this improve any. It sounds like there are hard feelings on both sides of this transaction and grace and compassion from both of you will make it better. She would do well to unders
  16. Glad I got to go this past May, it was my first show, and I guess might be the last now. Well I sure hate to see it go by the wayside - if only because I had free lodging with an Aunt & Uncle there in Cedar Rapids
  17. It turned out fantastic! Hard to believe it is the first one you've done, WOW!
  18. I was once told that it is better to give homely ugly quilts to homeless people because it is less likely to be stolen from them. Sounds odd, but true.
  19. I charge $25 per shirt and that includes everything - the customer brings me a stack of tshirts (usually 20) and I return a completed quilt. I provide all the fabric, interfacing, batting, thread, and work. However, I do custom quilting on it. Matching thread colors to shirt colors and doing different backgrounds/fills in most shirts (like a sampler almost). Usually the ones I do are for graduation gifts so I include the student's name on one of the horizontal sashing strips, High School and grad year on another and sometimes other activities the student participated in on the last two (i.
  20. It's a WONDERFUL resource! You won't be sorry you subscribed, go check it out
  21. I too charge $20 an hour, and just keep track of my hours. Some days that goes better than others, LOL. So there is probably some element of estimation in there at the end. I think that the hourly charge, helps even out the complexity of the piecing. If it's a simple pattern, there will be less hours in construction, but if it's like a baby quilt that I'm doing right now - with applique, embroidery and piecing, the hours will be higher. Charlotte - I like the comparison - sometimes I feel guilty about the rate, but you're right, other trades are much higher. We had a washing machin
  22. I don't charge for thread, it's built in to my cents per inch charge. But like Barbara above, I do charge for extra colors after the first two - it's $5 for each additional color. That's more to cover the time that begins to be involved for multiple thread changes, not so much the thread itself.