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  1. IQ doesn't have drive belts so I think that's just a typo and she meant to say quilt path not IQ! I'm sure there are IQs on Lennis,ask Mandy or on the IQ yahoo group. Yvette
  2. You've got a good list there of designers. I would suggest you get a few pantos first as these are the money makers, they can be stitching away whilst you custom quilt on another machine .Types I use the most- Open and swirly Swirly and spikey. Flowery Leafy Watery Oriental Babies/kids Some pantos are rectangular in shape and can look as if they are sewn in rows. Where possible I prefer ones which interlock between the rows but if you want to make the design more open you can run tight on throat space with these. Because you are so good at free motion you may find custom quilting is
  3. I also find the same problem with the top fabric especially some of the dark dyed Moda fabrics which have lighter dyed backs. It always shows more if you have to unpick as you never get back in quite the same holes when when you restitch and then you have twice as many snags showing.
  4. You can try this site, there are a few shops in Italy
  5. Thank you Shana I will contact APQS direct as the light has now given up completely.
  6. I've recently moved my laser light to the front of the machine to use with IQ when setting up line pattern. It is now rapidly fading away and is almost invisible. I never really used it before but am now missing it greatly. Can it be repaired? Should I turn it off when not actually using it? Can I source a new bit here in the UK or do I get a new one from APQS direct? Can't find any reference to dead lasers. Thank you in advance Yvette
  7. I have a roll of wool batting in my shop, recently went to cut some of it and there were holes right through at one end where moths had eaten it. We had had it in stock for several months unpackaged. I will use it for my own quilts but will store it in the freeezer for a week to kill off any remaining beasties. If you store wool batting I think you need to put pheromone traps or chemicals with it to be safe.
  8. You can always cut the triangles and corner squares too big (measure the star bits and add 2 or 3 inches) . Piece them in and then trim back the excess afterwards to make the block square. Your star now floats in the background.This allows for things being not quite true and "a bit too much" is easier to deal with than "not quite enough".
  9. I love wool batting but sell very little in my shop because it is so expensive. The roll I have in the shop is 2 years old. Got it out to sell some to a customer and Aaargh! it was full of holes and moths flew out around the room ! I shall now use it for practise or a quilt of my own which doesn't matter too much. I will be cutting it up and putting it in the freezer to kill the little beggars. I don't think the moths are too fussy about which brand of batting they eat.
  10. I've posted about this before. I think I'm a lone voice but I have found that for 5"squares the pieces are 1/8" or 1/16" short depending on which way the grain is. I also find the 21/2" strips creep and sometimes get a kink in the middle, this can be improved by putting a layer of paper in when cutting but for mass production purposes you would use an awful lot of paper. I do however think its OK for applique shapes where exact size is not so important. It is also quite hard work turning the handle to run the die through and wasteful of fabric which is si expensive theses days. We now use
  11. This is why in our shop if we have to ring a customer about an order we make a note of the call in our book. It will say :- rang customer, this means we actually spoke to the person concerned :- left message, this means we spoke to an answering machine :- left message with a man, this means we probably spoke to her husband or a son whom we fully expect not to pass on the message and so we will phone again in a weeks time and explain if necessary that it is not our fault that she did not get the phone call This is the result of 13 years experience leaving messages that don't get passed
  12. I reckon that 3 out of four is a normal ratio of good to bad. If you're mitreing borders one always takes three goes to get it right. Same with binding, there's always one corner that's not quite as you want it. Its just life.
  13. If you go to your own thread and hit the top reply button you can post your photos all under the same heading. Lovely quilt and nice quilting.
  14. But sometimes it does work the other way. Just finished this little cot quilt and the bobbin ended 2" after the end of the stitching. The good luck fairy must have been looking over my shoulder.
  15. Ok so you all love your cutters. I have the Go so I could cut 2.5" strips and 5" squares for my shop, BUT THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE so I can't sell them! The 5"squares are off buy one eighth or one sixteenth of an inch in one direction only depending on which way the grain is going. The 2.5"strips often get a pleat pushed in to them and this then causes a kink in the cut strip. I'm told I can put paper between the layers and this will stop the slippage but how many reams of paper would I use when cutting jelly rolls?. I also think the wastage is ridiculous especially with some of the appl