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  1. I just replaced my yellow bearing M & M wheels and life is fabulous - almost blissful!
  2. We replaced our original M & M wheels with new ones last night. Now the SR chirps, but the blue button doesn't work with regulated model...only by itself. Also, same problems trying to work from the back of a 2007 Millenium. I have an IQ installed, and it works fine. What did we do??? How do I fix?? BTW, it moves like a dream again--I think it was a slow decline, and I will need some practice time because it moves so nicely now--but I do use SR 90% of the time! Thanks for any help you might have! I'll call APQS first thing tomorrow if I don't resolve today! Jane Michener
  3. Thanks Jim, I appreciate and will work with your suggestions. Jane
  4. My 2007 Millie recently began to lose its power steering feel around the center of the 14' frame. I can move it...but no curves...table is level side to side and front to back. I have worked on the wheels on the front of the frame. I do have an IQ, which doesn't seem to be affected. However I do a lot of freehand, and have 2 king size quilts which will require mostly freehand. I'm at a loss. Any help appreciated! thank you. Jane Michener
  5. Recently my beloved 2007 Millie, running smoothly on a 14' table, began to react suddenly, very stiffly, around the center of the table. It's like going from power steering to no power steering. No way can I do any decent freehand stitching. The table is level front to back and side to side. Vertical movement is perfect. Any help will be appreciated!
  6. thanks Shirley, I planned to talk with her--I have five of her big quilts right now--but I did want a plan in hand! You're so right--if she used it this would have happened anyway! I feel much better. Get so tied in knots over actually little things--altho we blow them way out of proportion, that doing anything becomes difficult! thanks again! Jane
  7. I just finished quilting a customer quilt. I used chalk to mark in the very dark fabrics. I was able to just use a dry washcloth to wipe off the chalk. However...at some point two dark purple blocks bled onto the white blocks next to them. The bleed is about a quarter of an inch wide,,on just one side of the block. Suggestions to remove? I don't know how I did it..but I know I did it...because it bled through to the back. It's a runner...and just about dead center. Suggestions? Thanks jane
  8. jebm

    channel lock loose

    Thanks Joan, I plan to do that--I actually think it might be something else! Funny you should answer because I'm working on a 24" lady of the lake quilt block--and was looking for ideas to embellish--and when I put in lady of the lake--guess what came up--all your posts! Hi! Nice to "talk" to you! Jane
  9. It's the encoder, sprocket, selenoid that are loose--and I think they maybe take care of the stitch regulator and channel locks?? Thanks! Jane
  10. The channel lock regulator is loose--moving around the teeth--can't figure out how to tighten! Looked in the book etc...2007 Millenium. Thanks for your help! Jane
  11. I'll be anxious to read the results of your very scientific study. I know what you mean about the marking being so easy to see--and I doubt many will find their quilts at 14 degrees...but the future of any quilt is uncertain--and like all markers, they make us nervous don't they?
  12. Penny your quilting makes this quilt come alive..the applique and the piecing are gorgeous, but yum, that quilting is wonderful! Jane
  13. That's perfect...and so much better than trying to make a pantograph! Thank you thank you. I will post a pic when I get it finished! Jane
  14. I have a quilt to quilt for a little boy. The blocks are a giraffe print sashing brown with different size polka dots, and blue "alligator" print. Back is brown different size polka dots. They want something boyish. I'm considering drawing a larger giraffe and trees for a pantograph, but haven't done that before. Any suggestions for freehanding or a pantograph? Thanks, Jane
  15. I have quilted one of these for the same customer who brought me another one. The first one is all SID. She wants something different--but not heavy. I am stumped. The only thing I can come up with is CC everywhere! Pretty dull? Welcome your ideas!
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