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  1. Thanks. I haven't done Ebay but I did do Craigs List and another site called "Sew Its For Sale". I've gotten a couple emails from that one at least. : ) I'll advertise on House of Hanson and LA University if I don't get responses from the others. Those 2 charge a fee to list them! I do appreciate the advice!
  2. I still have this machine for sale. It's sitting all alone in an empty house just waiting for someone to love it! We are moving and there is no way I can take it with me. It will end up in storage in about 2 weeks. If anyone has any suggestions on how to sell it quickly, please let me know! Thank you!!
  3. *For Sale* My longarm needs a new home! My husband travels for work so we bought a 5th wheel camper and I'm traveling with him now. I am not home to use my machine, our house is pending sale and it makes no sense to just have it sitting in storage. So, here is what I have: A-1 Elite Professional Package A-1 Longarm Model 923 machine head with Ergo-Grip handlebars 12’ Steel table with magic mat Ergo lift Stitch Rite stitch regulator with needle positioner Batting access lifting lever Laser light and stylus King base and ruler Saddle stool Remote control FOB Bobbin winder
  4. Oh, if only my dear little grandson wrote on himself. Instead he drew ALL OVER A QUILT with the permanent marker!!! I doubt it will ever come out. It's a huge area too
  5. I would be interested in a bee also. I'll be watching to see what others come up with for you!
  6. I did this myself about 2 1/2 years ago. I had a great job but I was miserable. The people were unreal and the stress was insane. I finally just resigned. I STILL haven't found another job but I don't regret leaving the other one at all. You've done the right thing. Good for you!
  7. Very beautiful. I'm sure you exceeded your customers expectations with this one!!
  8. Oh, they are so cute!!! This brings back memories for me. My Nonie used to have tea parties for me and my girl cousins. We would dress up in grown up clothes, with white gloves, hats etc. and we each had our own special china tea cup with saucer (I have them now, just waiting for little girls to share a party with). Thanks for sharing!
  9. How is this loading the dice? I think it's fair and square. Any one of those bands could ask their friends to vote too and probably have. Xhaust just has more friends than the others!
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