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  1. Bev, Your quilt is lovely!! Thanks for posting. Hope to get mine done, yours is inspiring! Everyone has posted lovely things and wonderful work! Someday.... Kristy, Nauvoo, IL
  2. Here is a picture of a Tossed 9 Patch I pieced and quilted for the Quilt Show. I used \'puppies\' was denser than I expected but once started - finish! tossed 9 patch smaller.bmp
  3. We will have a Quilt Show here in Nauvoo, Illinois, July 11 & 12 I have a t-shirt quilt to quilt and was wondering if anyone had an EASY design for the pirate block. I will try to attach a picture of the quilt. First attempt at attaching a picture. I also have a picture of a Tossed 9 Patch I just finished which I will enter in the show. Anyone have quilts they would like to show!!! We looking for more quilts to fill our show. Dead line has been extended to .... NO quilt entry fee for entries!! Can\'t seem to get the pictures to attach!!!! hummmmm help. Kristy t shirt quilt smaller.bmp
  4. Nancy, your lovely block arrived today. Thanks a bunch. Kristy Combs
  5. Coleen, Thank you for the lovely block. Glad to hear about Pam and Nancy! Thank will complete my blocks. I have made extra and will exchange if needed. Thanks to all of you wonderful quilters/sewers. You offer much apprecited help and ideas!! Kristy Combs
  6. I have received blocks from: Rita, Michelle, Susanne, Jen, Roxie, Bobbi, Cathy, Melora, Merry Jo, Donna, Judi O. I am waiting for blocks from Pam, Coleen (which I am anxiously watching the mail for!!), and Nancy. I am going to try a picture post. I think I need to look at resizing the photo. I have 7 extra finished blocks I would be glad to share if interested. I will check out resizing my pic. Kristy Combs, Nauvoo, IL
  7. I actually have 7 blocks extra already made. I could exchange with seven or just send to seven. I have taken pictures now to see if I can post!! Kristy Combs, Nauvoo, IL
  8. The Friendship Block exchange was a fun activity for me. I enjoyed making and receiving the blocks. You all are so wonderful. I get lots of helps and ideas from your posts. I have eleven blocks, I think that makes me short - wait Colleen is sending me one. Only short two. I have extra from the pattern I used. I will be glad to exhange with someone I have not sent one to, so someone does not get a duplicate. I did use some different colors but the same pattern for all. I need to try and figure out my camera and posting pictures. Kristy C
  9. Judi Olsen, Thank you for the lovely block, the book mark and the coaster. This has been such a fun exchange! I am still waiting for 3 blocks. There is still a few days left. Kristy Combs, Nauvoo, IL
  10. Thank you Susanne in Australia, the block is lovely. Thank you also for the note pad and info about you. This makes 10 received [total of 11 with my own.] You wonderful quilters have made some beautiful blocks. I am anxious to put them all together and make a prized quilt! This one is for keeping!! Kristy, Nauvoo, IL
  11. Just returned from 2 weeks in South Carolina. Two wonderful blocks were waiting for me! Thank you Jen and Cathy, the blocks are wonderful! Kristy Combs, Nauvoo, IL