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    RitaR reacted to DawnCavanaugh in FORUM CHANGES AHEAD   
    Hello Everyone,
    As you may have noticed we've been having more issues with the current Forum's features working properly, as well as spammers infiltrating the system. The current Forum software version is outdated and an upgrade is required, but we have been holding off its implementation as long as possible to prevent disruption to the site during everyone's busy quilting time before the holidays.
    However, we are to the point where we can no longer postpone the upgrade without risking the security of the site. We must implement the upgrade as soon as possible.
    The new Forum software is being beta-tested right now by APQS dealers as well as some "uber-users" of our current forum. We anticipate making the change-over fairly quickly once testing is complete. Please be aware that the change-over will result in a "black-out' for a couple of days when the current Forum will be shut down to migrate all the topics and threads over to the new site. We will alert you about when that will happen so you can prepare in advance and will not be taken by surprise when the Forum is "down".
    In addition, the upgrade could result in some changes to the way the Forum appears and functions but we will do everything we can to keep all the features that are important to our users. Change is always hard, but it is well worth it to keep the site safe and secure.
    Thank you for your continued support of APQS and of each other through the Forum--it truly makes our "family" such a close-knit group!
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    RitaR reacted to jimerickson in Why should I purchase a Millenium?   
    Vicki:  You won't go wrong buying any of the top line (APQS, A-1, Gammill, Innova, Nolting or Prodigy) machines.  That being said assuming you like the APQS, the main reason to buy it is the customer service.  Their support is outstanding.  I think the others probably do a good job, but I have first hand experience with APQS, and theirs is great.  This forum is great.  I was on Gammill's for some time, and their's was good, but not this good.  It wasn't as user friendly nor quite so family like.  Nolting's also wasn't as good.
    The folks at APQS really are interested in seeing that your machine performs well, and is up and running as quickly as possible if you should have any down time.  They're easy to get a hold of, and most helpful.  Parts are shipped out quickly, and they provide all sorts of helpful instructions.  They couldn't be nicer.  There are somethings I don't like about their current line, (that can be said for everyone of the manufacturers I've mentioned) but you can't find a better company to do business with.  Jim
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    RitaR reacted to qltnbe in PUGGLES quilt is finished and I got paid.   
    Definitely the cost of the fabric, batt and time you spent quilting it.   Did you keep track of the time you spent on piecing it?  Set a price per hour for that.  
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    RitaR reacted to Gator in Why should I purchase a Millenium?   
    CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! and this forum.  Yes, I did mean to shout it out in caps.   You have 24 hour access on this forum to get help.  The APQS machines are very friendly for the user to do maintenance, they rarely have to be returned to the factory (in fact I don't recall any going back to the shop for problems).  They are built with love and are work horses that keep their value for many years.  The warranty is lifetime and so is the factory support.  The machines float like clouds, reducing stress on your body.  I can go on forever but will let others give you their opinions.  APQS is a family that is always ready to help each other no matter the topic or situation.  Have fun testing the APQS machines, you won't go back to others. 
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    RitaR reacted to Butterfly in Mariners compass   
    Yayyyyy! It worked! I can post pictures!!!
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    RitaR got a reaction from T Row Studio in Hand guided floral design for a cute girls quilt   
    I can't compliment on any one design as they are all just plain beautiful! 
    Ever see a "plain"  flower??    I Can't find one!
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    RitaR reacted to zeke in Oil leaking from machine head   
    This was one I had made for a Gammill PDQ. I have two more for a APQS longarm. Let me know if you want one. They're $25 plus s/h. Which is about $3 to $4 bucks. Zeke.
    Make your oily life much better.
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    RitaR reacted to T Row Studio in Ellie and Squeak   
    Hello I am finally done (except binding) and ready to introduce Ellie and Squeak.
    It is a pattern from Violet Craft called Elephant Abstractions. I have done a custom 
    quilting on it I am called Bohemian quilting.I am not sure what that means but that is what I am calling it. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it. I have included a front back and before image. Thanks for looking.

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    RitaR reacted to FloridaMissy in Stash Busting   
    SUCCESS, drove past my favorite quilt shop and did not stop although the temptation was great.
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    RitaR reacted to mlsa3 in Diamond Double   
    Love the quilt and quilting.  The colors make me happy.
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    RitaR got a reaction from Bonnie in Ok in Daughter bag   
    Great Job.
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    RitaR reacted to lindasewsit in Freedom VS Lucey   
    I never use my channel locks...    and I can learn to live without the thread cutter!!!
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    RitaR reacted to Charlene in Funny   
    I found that if I unlocked the roller for the day, the quilt still looked like it had tension on it.  When the cat jumped on it, it sagged down and the cat got scared.  That was an easy fix to keep the cat off of the quilt.
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    RitaR reacted to mamu in candle wicking baby quilt   
    I am always amazed at how you ladies can look at a quilt top and come up with these designs!  your quilting certainly made this quilt.. love it 
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    RitaR got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Need help...Trouble controlling machine.   
    Thanks, Vicki,  I didn't understand that. 
    I have one of the first machines that came out, and my table is the heavy wood.  Works
    well as long as it's kept level.
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    RitaR reacted to mamaahma in Need help...Trouble controlling machine.   
    I got my milli at the same time you did, and also put the M&M wheels on.  I am able to do feathers quite easily, and the more I do them, the better they get.  No one should be in tears over their machine - they are too much fun for that!  I agree with Barb - look over the download, and if it isn't what you need, call Amy.  She knows these machines inside and out and is SO helpful.  I guarantee between the forum, Barb and Amy you will be feathering in no time!
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    RitaR reacted to barbm in Need help...Trouble controlling machine.   
    You should be able to adjust your M&M wheels so that you have a nice smooth ride. I've added a post from a much earlier thread that may help you to properly adjust your wheels.  It may also be that you have one or more wheels that have bad bearings - call Amy at APQS Service, she can help you figure that one out.  You should NOT have this much trouble moving your machine!  And never feel like you are bothering anyone here - that's what this forum is for.
    Proper Wheel Adjustment.pdf
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    RitaR reacted to gardenslug in Quilting assistance--magnetic bars   
    Suggested magnets someetime ago to my DH. He seemed to think that I am a "little" gadget happy and suggested that I wait and see if someone on this site tried them. Thanks, Linda and now for a trip to Harbor Freight. Checked their site and they didn't show them; but maybe they will have them at the store.
    Rec'd your book beefore Christmas and am just now finding time to quilt again. Took the book with me in the car yesterday and am excited about all of the ideas and how to attain them.
    We spent all day today making bird cakes (I know, but we are retired and retired people find stange thngs to do to fill their time.)
    My DH is a bird watcher and feeder. Some of them become quite tame and he really enjoys watching them.
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    RitaR got a reaction from Bonnie H in Leader Grips   
    I have the Red Snappers a few years, and find them still hard for me to use.  I have to ask Himself to help put the "clamps"
    on with the leaders for the quilt, used as the part to clamp down.
    With arthritis in my hands, shoulders, elbows, and back problems, scoliosis etc. 
    I believe I will get the Leader Grips..Maybe I will be able to use them with less pain..
    Thank you for all the info from everyone.
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