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  1. Since you are only going to use it around the holidays, have you considered a Cameo cutter? It doesn't use dies, you use your computer to set up the designs. It has drawbacks. Only something less than 12 by 24 inches and only one layer at a time. It really depends on what type of shapes you plan to use. If you want to cut strips, it doesn't work well due to length restraints. I have the Go, Go Big, and Studio cutters and love each for what it does well. I cut my strips with the Studio model. Other shapes depend on what die I have. I have adapters so I can use some of my Go dies on the Studio.
  2. Very good information to know. I have had some experience with the ghost marks. I will be more circumspect when using the pens in the future.
  3. Well worth the time to read it. I lauaghed all the way through it. Gloria is truely one of us.
  4. While making an adjustment on JJ (my Milli) I was glancing through my repair manual. There was a section on mag collar adjustment. It was noted that if the hook finger is not stopping in the correct position this could cause the bobbin thread to not pull up. Have you checked this out? My repair manual is from my maintenance class with Amy.
  5. I have decided that I don't have a stash, I have a collection of fine textiles.
  6. I have just ordered Quilt Path for my Milli. I would appreciate any hints you can give me on its use plus any ideas you have to help me learn the system. Pamela
  7. The quilt is outstanding. Both the quilting and the applique are fantastic.
  8. Chris, I look forward to hearing from you. I will send you a PM with my contact information. Pamela
  9. Chris, Would you consider someone from Chillicothe for your group? There are several of us in the Chillicothe area and I know many (me for one!) would like to join a group such as you are planning. Pamela
  10. Kenna, I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend. You have some wonderful bosses to be that generous. I will continue to pray for you. I don't always post a reply that I am praying but I always do pray. Pamela
  11. You have a wonderful birthday gift, she is adorable. Be careful of letting her be a lap dog. I had a very large Airedale once and she always thought that she was a lap dog. She just hung over on each side, front paws on one side and rear ones on the other side. The paws touched the ground too but in her mind she was my lap dog. Pamela
  12. Thank you Georgene for the close pictures of this quilt. I made one of these quilt tops. It is sitting in a pile of quilts to be quilted. I needed the inspirstioin of your quilt to give me ideas on how to quilt it. I might think about quilting it now. Pamela
  13. Thats a really cute quilt. You did stay off that ankle didn't you? Pamela
  14. I got a new head for JJ last year. The new models have the speed gauge on the front and the back of the machines. I think that was a great new feature. However, that doesn't mean I won't remember to turn the speed, it just means there are more places for me not to look. Pamela
  15. You will post photos of her in the dress won't you? Pamela
  16. I am in the process of sewing the binding on my mini quilt. It is ao different from anything I have done before. I sure hope it is liked. Pamela
  17. Robin, I wish I had seen this before I quilted my Civil War Tribute quilt. I did it custom. I didn't think that I would ever finish. I should add that my custom work is not that good. I have already told my sister that I will not do custom on hers. Pamela
  18. I am about two hours away so I am thinking about going. I am just not sure if I will only do one day or more than one. I will also be on call for jury duty so that could mess up everything! Pamela
  19. Kenna, You continue to be in my prayers. Thanks for dropping into let us know how you are. You know we are here for you in any way we can help. Take care of yourself. Pamela
  20. You did a beautiful job of quilting that quilt. The family must be crazy not to want the ladies quilting stuff. I bet the will be very sorry latter. Pamela
  21. Heidi, Don't think of it as asking for prayers, think of it as allowing us to pray for you and your family. That's what friends are for, even cyber friends. Prayers are already on their way. Pamela
  22. Kristina, I am so glad that you are back and you family is healing. God was certainly with your family when they needed Him. Pamela
  23. Congratulations on your wonderful new adventure. Best wishes to you both. Pamela
  24. I'm saying some prayers for a speedy recovery. I have had both wrists done (not at the same time) a long time ago. I still remember the "fun" I had getting my bra on and the pantyhose in place. I also remember pushing my plate over to have someone cut my meat that Thanksgiving as the surgery on my right hand had only been two days earlier. I can laugh now but at the time it was kind of frustrating. Pamela