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  1. April I am sorry for your loss. Parents are special people and losing them is hard. You and your family are in my prayers. Pamela
  2. Saundra I will still be praying for David and the rest of your family. However these will be accompanied by thanksgiving and praise prayers for the great news. Pamela
  3. I hadn't thought about using the BQ design for this swap but it is perfect. Now all I have to do is find where I stashed the blocks. Pamela
  4. Saundra has posted her update under shows and classes. Pamela
  5. I have then studio model too and enjoy using it. The pieces are accurate making them easy to put together. I belong to a small quilt group that has many beginning quilters in it. I cut fabric in the Take Five design for them. It didn't take me very long and the group loved that all the pieces were exact. It made it very easy for them to piece the quilt. For myself, I like the 1.5 and2.5 inch strip templates. With the exception of my little quilt group I only quilt/cut/piece for myself but I have never been sorry that I bought the studio model. Pamela
  6. Michael, you are being dangerous to my budget again! Pamela
  7. Jess, your method of quilting is working wonders for you. This way you are as surprised at the outcome as the customer is. That sounds like fun to me. Pamela
  8. I have a very old June Taylor ruler and use it for the strip sizes for which I don't have the Accuquilt templates. You do have to be careful to keep your blade perpendicular to the ruler. If you don't you will get wavy strips. Pamela
  9. Welcome Ann. It sounds like you and Yion are going to have a lot of fun. Pamela
  10. Saundra, I'm adding my prayers and cyber hugs for you and your family to those above. Pamela
  11. Linzi, your car quilt is wonderful. I hope it brings in lot of money. I also hope that you get the recognition you deserve. I thought about bidding on it but I don't have the car to put it around. Pamela
  12. Barb, good luck with the upcoming surgery. I have "bionic" knees too. It was one of the smartest things I have done. Of course it is a lot of fun going through airports. Pamela
  13. eBayers don't always get away with copies. I have been told an item I bid on had copyright infringement problems and was no longer available. eBay has a location to report problems like this. Pamela
  14. Jess, Yes to your first question. As to your second, the two together are wonderful. Pamela
  15. Mary Beth, I too have a Janome 1100 and really enjoy it. However, I agree with Shirley's comment about getting an embroidery only machine. The DM's with built embroidery can be very pricy. If you don't need to replace your DM you can get more embroidery options (like more than one needle) with the embroidery only machines. Pamela
  16. I will be praying for David and your entire family as you go through this trying time. I am also sending some cyber-hugs (((((HUG))))). Everyone can always use some hugs. Pamela
  17. Years ago while on a tour of Italy with a group of women engineers and scientists I spent a few days in Florence. It is an amazing city. You will have a wonderful time. Pamela
  18. Mine is done now. I just have to sew the label on it. It will be in the mail this week. I hope that it meets the expectations of the receiver. I have been so nervous at every step. I even ripped it apart and requilted it at one point. Pamela
  19. Linda, Your work is magical. Can I borrow your wand sometime? Pamela
  20. I got mine at Lowe's. They sell it by the foot so you can get just what length you want. Plus if I remember correctly it was very expensive . Psmela
  21. Since I just finished ripping my mini apart it will be some time before my partner gets her's. I am hoping that I can save the center part. If not I do have a backup design. Since this is my first priority to finish my partner need notnworry, she will get a mini. Pamela
  22. What a fun necklace. It isn't a surprise that you got complements on it. Pamela
  23. I am including you and your family in my prayers. The loss of a parent is hard. Enjoy the time you still have left. Pamela
  24. I think Kenna has a great idea. The cat and your brother seem to be a matching pair. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Pamela
  25. Heidi, I'm adding my prayers plus a few (((((hugs))))) to those above. Tell that black cloud over you to go away so the sun can shine through on you. Pamela