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  1. Myra, I am glad it worked out with Rita for the Chillicothe classes. Please remember to let me know what and when (I know where!). I am sure I will have a lot of questions by February. The commute will only take a few minutes too! I am going to out an get that white erase board. It is a good idea and I can be practicing for the big event. I had also better get downstairs to move the cutting table, so I can move the sofa ,so I can move the bookcases, so I can move all the fabric, and not forget the ski machine (what was I thinking of when I bought that?).... Thanks for all the help everon
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I am really getting more excited each day. Now all I have to do is move furniture around to make room for that 14 foot table. I think that I can forget any idea about keeping a family room and sewing room. The sewing is about to overtake everthing. I am waiting to hear when the Milli will be delivered and when the set up people will come. Waiting is going to be harder than it was waiting for Christmas as a little girl. Some of my first projects will probably be mats for the dog (who doesn't need a bobbin winder to wrap me firmly around his tail). He won't know the di
  3. Hi Sue, No I am not from Canada. I live in souther Ohio. Pamela
  4. Hi, I purchased a Millennium at the Nashville show and just paid the rest of the purchase price off today. My baby will soon be here. Does anyone have any important suggestions for me. I am paying to have the APQS people set it up. That way I know it won't be me that messes it up. Pamela