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  1. Of course I will keep you, Roxanne, and family in my prayers. Asking for prayers is a good thing. There is no need to apologize for asking. Praying for you allows those of us who are not near you help support you in a time of need. Take care of yourself. Pamela
  2. I had a chance to see the Gee's Bend quilts when they were in Knoxville awhile back. They are beautiful in their simplicity and design. Any machine quilting should be very simple, maybe just straight lines and some in the ditch to keep with the feel of the quilt. I look forward to seeing what you do with the quilt. I have one to piece and quilt myself. Pamela
  3. I don't see any errors so just don't tell anyone. Anyone looking at your quilt will be dazzled by your beautiful work and will be so overcome with its beauty they won't notice anything amiss. Pamela
  4. Linda, The quilt may have some problems but nobody will notice because your quilting makes it shine. Pamela
  5. Prayers and (((((HUGS))))) are coming your way. Shanna is right, don't second guess. The "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" don't help. Just follow your heart. Pamela
  6. Michelle, New toys are always fun to play with. It sounds like you selected some good ones too. I am praying that all goes well. Pamela
  7. Hug and prayers coming your way Heidi and all of you taking care of parents. It isn't an easy task but you will be blessed in the end. Take care of yourself as you do need all your strength. Pamela
  8. My Bliss system is scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday afternoon! Yea! It would have been sooner but I was out of town last week visiting my sister and attending the AQS show in Knoxville. I think I'll start taking apart my table now. That should keep me busy for awhile. Pamela
  9. Kay, Your quilt is beautiful. I agree with Linzi, you should enter it into a show. Pamela
  10. Michelle, You, your baby, and your family are being lifted up in prayers. Pamela
  11. Hi Michelle, Welcome back to Ohio. I am not in the Dayton area. I am in Chillicothe. There are several Ohio folks on this forum. Pamela
  12. I have a 6600 and love it. I do all my stitching on it. I do have the 1/4 in foot and ditch foot for the accu-feed system and use them a lot. I bought a circle attachment for another Janome machine and have never used it. The accu-feed 1/4 inch foot comes with an additional face plate. It is the one you use if you only want a small hole when stitching. I only found out that recently as I asked the Janome dealers at the AQS Knoxville show if there was a small hole face plate and they showed me the one I had. Pamela
  13. I love Scotties too. I do have a brindle one now but I didn't name him, he came with the name Dexter. I got him through the Scottie rescue group in Dayton, Ohio when he was 3 and a half years old. He had a very good home but didn't take kindly to being pushed out of the center of attention when the baby came. He is a great dog but is starting to really show his age, 13 now. Enjoy your little one. She is a cutie. Pamela
  14. If you only need a small piece you could make your own using software and the special fabric sheets for the ink jet printers. You would be restricted to 8.5 X 11 inches but if you are doing a miniature quilt that would do it. Pamela
  15. Bobbi, Congratulations. That is super news. Pamela
  16. Suzeyg43 You can get a new set screw and just put it the hole on the other side. In fact if you are right handed it is easier to put in a needle. Pamela
  17. That explains why a quilt I did about a year ago ran out of batting before the end of the quilt. I too was using Hobbs Tuscany Poly. I couldn't figure out what happened as I was using batting that should have had a lot left on the end. I ended up piecing another piece to the batting but did not do a good job. Pamela
  18. Linda, Take care of yourself and here's hoping for a speedy recovery so you can be back with your machine soon. Linda A is right about time on the computer and a credit card. It is a little too easy sometimes but the stuff does get delivered right to your door. Pamela
  19. Dawn, I have learned a lot from your tips. I appreciate the effort you put into them. The quotes are wonderful and in many cases thought provoking. Keep up the good work. Pamela
  20. Joann, Prayers for the entire family during this sad time in their lives. Pamela
  21. Linzi, Your "simple" quilting looks great to me. You turned the sow's ear into a silk purse. Pamela
  22. Connie, My sympathy in your time of grief. The loss of a parent is hard. Prayers and (((((HUGS))))) are being said/sent for you and your family. Take time to grieve and remember the happy moments you all shared. Pamela
  23. I've paid for mine too but will have to wait for delivery as I will be out of town. I am so excited that I feel staying home:o However, I don't think my sister would appreciate that. We are going to the AQS Knoxville show together. Pamela