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  1. www.willowleafstudios.com Treetop Joust Maple Syrup Rosie Autumn Oaks Angel Wings Ruffle Flower Springtime small Feelin’ Groovy Ocean Star Frisky Feathers Lg Fantasia Hearts a Flutter Springtime www.urbanelementz.com Symphony Dusty Miller Grande www.goldenthreads.com Bellflower Double Plume Ground Cover Leaf and Scroll I purchased IQ for my machine and no longer need my paper pantographs. Asking $12 each plus shipping www.patternman.com Santa Fe In
  2. Brenda, I have recently upgraded to Intelliquilter and have quite a few pantos I would like to sell. If you would like to email me I will send you a list of what I have available. Thanks, Heidi piecejoyquilting@aol.com
  3. Hi Marybeth, Sounds like we have lots in common- I\'m also a 31 year old stay at home mom with 3 kids ages 4, 2 and 7 months. I have owned my longarm and been in business for about 15 months now. If you want to chat more I\'d love to share my thoughts with you. Feel free to email me at piecejoyquilting@aol.com
  4. Does anyone have any great tips for easily squaring up large backings? I really dislike this task! Heidi
  5. Since getting my machine in January I have just been a "lurker" on the chat site, so I guess it's time to actually post something. I was able to spend a day and a half at Innovations and had a great time. I learned a lot and look forward to going again next year. It was wonderful taking classes from and meeting quilting celebs such as Karen McTavish! I now own an autographed book that will someday be worth hundreds or thousands, right Karen?!! (Or at the least my McTavishing will hopefully help me earn that much!) I may have met some of you and not have known-everyone there was so nice.