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    quilterkp reacted to NHDeb in A Lion-size Dream   
    Posting here for those not part of the facebook group.
    Not a really great picture - but it's finally done and gifted to my son for his move-in at school next month.
    Applique center pattern "Majesty" by Gina Reddin Designs, borders are created with 'curved braid' by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. 
    Quilted on my Lenni with SoFine and Aurifil threads, Quilters Dream Wool Batting. All hand-guided - freehand faux McTavishing and some rulers. 
    I've been pantograph quilting for almost 5 years and only started FMQ this year.
    This project stretched me in a LOT of ways - especially as it was for my youngest child as he leaves (1,000+miles) for college!

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    quilterkp reacted to lakekids in Features I wish APQS had   
    I have had my Millie a little over a year.  There are certain features that I wish it had:
    1. A basting stitch - instead of me having to manually control basting stitch length
    2. A tie off stitch
    3. Independently movable front handles : so that I could move one handle out of the way when doing ruler work
    4.  I wish the front backing bar was situated vertically below the top bar.  Since I am only 5' 4" this would help me be 4-6 inches closer so that it was easier to do ruler work in more of the stitching field. I have to have my machine on casters since my space is limited.  this adds to the height of the machine and the location of the backing bar puts me just that too far away.
    Any features you wish your APQS had?
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    quilterkp reacted to nursecec in Innova or Millie?   
    I have been interested in all the comments.  Just to update since I wrote the first question.  I did decide to go with the Millie with Quilt Path.  I am really enjoying the machine and learning a lot as I go.  I have had a few minor issues, some user error and some routine maintenance (a screw jostling loose and needing tightning) but the customer service has been outstanding and the machine is easy to  maintain and "repair."  What I wish I had known more about during the decision making process:  I wasn't aware that the APQS could be outfitted with other robotic systems.  If I had realized this I would have looked at IQ at least.  QP is OK but one of the major concerns people express is the delay in the update.  And also the fact that the update apparently won't have a no sew zone.  Last year I would have said I wouldn't ever use it but I am finding that I would like to have that capability.  I saw it demonstrated on the IQ and it looked really easy to do.  I'm doing OK using the QP robotics but I am not fully using the CAD (computer assisted design) elements as I don't really understand how to even tho I have paid for a couple classes.  I find that I spend a lot of time (sometimes hours) trying to figure out how to create a simple design.  I realize there is a learning curve but after all those hours my design still isn't right and I end up purchasing one anyway.  For me this has become a time vs. money consideration.  It's easier for spend a few dollars and have the design available "right now".  Anyway if you are still trying to figure out what to purchase learn from me and know that there are a number of robotic systems that are compatible with the Millie.
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    quilterkp reacted to T Row Studio in dream big Panel with an add on   
    I made this collage Butterfly and did not know where I was going to use as a back ground then remembered I had a dream big panel...and the rest is history .
    I would like to see your Dream Big panels you quilted. Please

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    quilterkp reacted to Pennyquilts in My Dinner Plate Dahlia off the long arm   
    My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm.  I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided.  I am thrilled with the finished quilt   

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    quilterkp got a reaction from gkazee in The new Millie   
    I had the pleasure of quilting on one of the new Millie's today at Sheridan Kay's quilting studio.   Very nice machine!   They made an improvement to the channel locks and they hold tighter than they used to.   
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    quilterkp got a reaction from Marie0722 in Sea Breeze   
    That is gorgeous!
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    quilterkp got a reaction from AlanGonzales2019 in Take A Vet To School Day Quilt   
    That is lovely!  
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    quilterkp reacted to rlkrezer in New Lucey   
    I've gotten my new Lucey up and running.  All I have to say is that either my husband needs to learn how to cook, or I'm cooking once a month.  I can stay in my studio all day as long as I have my coffee machine.
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    quilterkp reacted to LibbyG in 12 Days of Christmas -applique   
    I just finished this quilt.  She didn't want any quilting in the applique and McT around it.  I used Dream select and Dream Wool, So Fine on top and BL in the bottom. 

    12 Days of Christmas by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    12 days drum by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    12 days geese by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    12 birds by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    12 Days back by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    quilterkp reacted to SWall in Farmer's Wife Quilt   
    Our local quilt guild is hosting their 30th Annual Quilt show this weekend. I was asked if I would like to participate in a 'Bed Turning' event. My daughter and I will be doing a 'generational' display starting with a quilt my mother (her grandmother) made for me when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mother was a seamstress and made all my clothes and this quilt was made from scraps of fabrics from blouses, dresses, skirts, etc.. that she had made for me. I used to love looking at it and remembering all those outfits. My daughter 'stole' this quilt from me when she moved out as it has special meaning to her as well. When she was little and staying over night at Grandma's, she got to use this quilt and even when it got too small for her (the quilt was designed for a youth bed so it was shorter than a regular twin) she would insist on that quilt! Now her children love the quilt and it's starting to fall apart but isn't that what quilts are for. To be loved and used... 
    Following this quilt will be her first quilt, my first quilt done on my APQS - (this quilt top was completed in 1994 for my daughter and when I had finished piecing she didn't like navy and pink anymore so this top sat as a UFO until 2011).  We will move on to various quilts we have both done and have significance to us. 
    We will finish the bed turning with my Farmer's Wife Quilt which I just completed. My daughter had bought the book, I stole it from her... used the fabric she gave me for Christmas one year... so as you can see this is really a joint show for the two of us!
    Thanks for looking!

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    quilterkp reacted to dlnewell in Here's what I've been working on this summer...   
    It's been a while since I posted.  Here are some customer quilts I had the privilege to work on.  The Hawaiian quilt is one that I made for a guild program I came up with "Faux Hawaiian Quilts".
    Unfortunately I put a couple in twice and can't figure out how to delete from the post.  If you go to my flickr account you can see a few more pics of customer quilts.  I had removed most of my photos several months ago when I'd read that flickr had been taken over by someone else and we wouldn't "Own" our photos anymore.  Well, I just uploaded to flickr a few of what I've quilted recently.  Hope you enjoy the eye candy.  Thankfully I'm a better quilter than photographer.
    this is a memory quilt I made for a friend from some of her mother's clothing
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    quilterkp reacted to T Row Studio in sunflower quilt   
    I have been doing a ton of collaging this is my latest collage quilt it is a vase of Sunflowers i did custom quilting on this, I Just Love Sun Flowers I have included front and back images. Thanks for looking and enjoy your Holiday week end.
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    quilterkp reacted to Irene Graber in Bears   
    I made this quilt and quilted with a pantograph for my new grandson who has not arrived yet.  I have to put binding on it but I had so much fun quilting it.

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    quilterkp reacted to T Row Studio in Mommy and me Baby Quilts   
    I was very fortunate to be able to pay on a Baby Quilt . I wanted to work on grid designs the fabric in the light area was a white on white 1" grid so What better place to play. then the customer brought me another one so here are both of them together the same but different also.
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    quilterkp reacted to SWall in Finished!!   
    Completed this queen size quilt this week! Thanks for looking!

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    quilterkp reacted to Alie in 2014 Lucey with 12 ft Blissed Table   
    Hi.  Can you please give a reason why on this ad you say that you're not particularly interested in longarm quilting and would prefer to do woodworking, as well, you are moving south (paraphrasing) while on an Innova 22 ad on this forum you say that you want to sell your Lucey so you can buy an Innova 22.  These comments contradict each other.  Are you unhappy with the performance of the Lucey?  Why do you want an Innova 22 when you say you don't really like longarm quilting?  
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    quilterkp reacted to qltnbe in Thread color question   
    What about a silvery gray thread that would cover the whole quilt?  Of course, it would help to see the quilt for us to make a better suggestion.  
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    quilterkp reacted to Robin in Thinking about upgrading. Thoughts???   
    I say, if you want it and can afford it, go for it!  This is something that would give you pleasure and you deserve it, whether you are going to quilt for others or not.  As far as whether or not to sell the IQ with it and get a new one, I think I would just transfer the IQ you have if you have the version you want and the newer motors.  Just about any of our husband's toys these days can cost up to 80,000 whether its a boat or a camper or a pickup and they deserve to enjoy too.  What have we all worked for!
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    quilterkp reacted to mlsa3 in Learning to Adapt and Overcome   
    For the past 15 or so years, I've always went to the Texas State Mountain and Dulcimer Championships in Glenrose Texas.  My wife and I both play the dulcimer and autoharps.  This festival is in it's 37th year and is held at an RV park.  They have a huge stage and have performers on stage from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.  They also have workshops and of course the contests to choose the state champions.
    The RV Park was full and the music was plentiful.  Everybody just brings their fold up chairs and sit on the grass under the trees and listens to music.  Over the years for some of us it's not as much the music as it is just the fellowship.  Some of us have known each other for 30 years or so.  Several of us are also quilters....SOOOO...I arrive at the RV park Wednesday about 10:00 am and by noon the camper is set up and I have 3 of my quilting girlfriends loaded in my car and we hit the quilt shops.  Had a blast and did more laughing than buying although each of us did purchase some fabric.
    One of my quilting friends, Kate, and her husband have a 45' toy hauler...she sets her quilting machine up in the garage part and quilts all week so this year I decided I needed to bring my machine and do some quilting when it got too hot to stay outside....Now my camper is no where near as large as her camper and I don't have a garage to set up in but I didn't let that stop me.  I set my machine up and all my friends came by to see my Campers "Quilting Studio."  They were impressed...actually had some women I didn't know stop by and wanted to see my quilting studio and my camper.  Got quite a bit accomplished....made some blocks for a quilt....did a lot of reading....listen to some music...played some music...did a lot of visiting...and just relaxed and thanked God for all his blessings.
    So here is a pic of my Campers Quilting Studio.  Small but very doable.  Still trying to figure out how to get my longarm in this small camper.  LOL.   Next is view from front of my camper where I sat each morning and rocked with my coffee and read my Bible and thanked God for His blessings.  The third pic is of everyone sitting around listening to the music...at night the place was packed out.

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    quilterkp reacted to lisae in How to do this   
    Renae’s Amazing Ray tool is perfect for marking the circles.
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    quilterkp reacted to Primitive1 in What is your style?   
    I have several sets of zippers and love them, you can sit down to pin them on and if you need to remove an unfinished quilt for some reason, it is easy to zip it off and back on again...I also have large dowels that my DH put large rubber covered hooks on one end of each dowel and I use those to rest my clamps and straps on....
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    quilterkp got a reaction from Mary Beth in Millie Sweepstakes   
    Not only do I not have a Millie, I don’t have a long arm at all, so that means I REALLY need to win!!!!!   
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    quilterkp reacted to chickenscratch in A Pattern I created and Published   
    I have been working hard to make quilting and quilt related items a full time job.  One of those projects was to publish my own patterns- something I had dreamed about doing for years and years.
    I have quilted wholecloth designs for clients before, and for promotional items for a few dye artists.  Everybody raved about wanting to learn to do it, so I decided to create a line of patterns that would teach people.
    My Choose Your Own Adventure patterns let you create over 200 different quilts from a single paper pattern, by mixing and matching various design options.  They also teach techniques for filling spaces, free motion quilting, and ruler work.
    Here is a picture of two quilts created from the first pattern.  Cindy Rich, of Twisted Sister Quilting, also quilted one. I don't have a picture of hers to share, but she has it on Facebook.
    To learn more about it, go to my blog   www.sweettsquilting.blogspot.com  or the store pages.

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    quilterkp reacted to EHonour in Two new QoV quilts   
    Beth and I are finally back from our winter RV trip to Florida, and I'm getting to pet Lucius again.  He was pining away, but perked up when I started loading a quilt from the backlog that had developed.  I had a couple of volunteer Quilts of Valor from the local guild, but we had also been doing some piecing while in the RV.  
    Here are the two QoV jobs, ready for some veteran.  Some unknown else-person in the guild did the piecing, but I did the quilting and binding.  Both were pantographs, and I was playing with some new panto rolls that I bought from Judy Lyons (Meadowlyon Designs) at QuiltWeek Daytona.  Glide thread top and bottom, different colors.   Used Magna-Glide prewound bobbins.  The green quilt has Glide 60wt on the back, which is nice because it means fewer bobbin changes, but I didn't have the 60wt in a blue for the flag quilt.  The binding is a cute all-machine flange binding that I learned to do a few months ago; it takes about two hours for each quilt with no handwork.

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