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  1. I look at it this way: no caffine, no nicotine, no calories, no fat, no sugar, no etc. My husband says if it makes me ,happy, then enjoy. I enjoy buying, planning the project, looking at the project on the shelf, finally get moving, then can't find one of the planned pieces. All fun. Have a happy holiday...;)
  2. Your Africa quilt is awesome!! I have been to Africa twice on missions so I was really touched. Did you make the pattern yourself? I have no idea on how to quilt it, but I'm sure whatever your do will be beautiful..Linda
  3. I am looking for the pattern of an appliqued frog with a crown made out of kids fun fabric. Here's where it's kinda "vague". It was in a quilt magazine, probably in 2007, maybe last part of 2006. Don't remember WHAT magazine. Lesson , never clean out magazines..Thanks for your help..linda
  4. What is the 'normal' height for the long arm table and where should the handles be in say, relation to your waist? My table is so high that it puts my shoulders in a hard position. My set up is older, the table wooden. You know the saying, it was cut off 3x and is still to short. Help appreciated...Linda
  5. I'm just new at all this. So glad to know even you pros have problems too. I was beginning to feel this was WAY over my head. Thanks for your comments
  6. I\'m new to this passion. What\'s Sharon\'s video, and the one "Just Do It". I tried to pull it up and couldn\'t do it. Also, what do you do with the rice bags. Any help, hints and ENCOURAGEMENT appreciated...Thanks to all.
  7. Hello quilters...I am new to the blog thing. Have a it "improper" to ask someone what pattern they are using or where they got the pattern or fabric? Just learning to do long arm. For me there seems to be a BIG learning curve, or am I just slow. Thanks for your help.....linda
  8. Does anyone have experience in writing grants. I want to upgrade my LA. There seems to be a BUNCH of available grants for free money. Appreciate the help...IMNRN
  9. Hello..I'm new to these chat rooms, so please help me along. I just got a used longarm, which has just been cleaned and adjusted. I am having trouble with the bobbin thread breaking. It will sew a short while, then break. One person suggested changing the needle, which I'll do when I get of here. Just wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions. Thanks immaxine