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  1. I would like to know on the digital, do you use it with a computerized system for your longarm?
  2. lots of cotton grown in TN and unfortunately there was flooding there.
  3. I have been a side-line participant for a couple of years. Now I'm getting Lucey Thursday and am very excited so....I'm changing my participation status to visible. I don't see a lot of posts on Lucey but I know that she is similar to the millie (just not the whistles and bangs)(maybe someday on the millie). Anyone else out there have a Lucey and want to share stories, ideas, etc. I am excited to step into the world of Longarm Quilting.
  4. What is the bear pattern that you used. My dad passed away about a year ago. He wore lots of flannel shirts. This would be perfect for my mom.:)
  5. I think that she was just saying this hoping that you would tell her that you would give back her money. People do all kinds of things to get out of paying. Karma!!!! It will come back to her. I would say put her in the back of your mind