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  1. You have been busy since I saw you around the holidays! I finished school and I am enjoying my 9 weeks off (down to 5.5 weeks now). Just studying for my board exams.
  2. The grid was tedious!!! We kept joking that I should have just stippled that area! I probably would have cut an hour of quilting time off had I done that.
  3. Before Christmas I put out a request for long armers in the Lehigh Valley who would rent their machine to me. Through that post I was conneted to the person who purchased the machine I used to work on before it was sold. Kloar allowed me to come to her home and use her machine simply in exchange for some information about longarming. I feel like she got the short end of the deal by far, but it was a huge blessing for me to be able to quilt this quilt for my parents for Christmas and in the process I was able to show Kloar how I went about quilting a quilt, how to use a ruler, and how I do
  4. Hitomi, thanks for the invite! Wishing that was a possibility with our 30 degrees right now! Kloar, the store was The Quiltery in Weissport. I appreciate you offering to let me use your machine. I will email you with my info.
  5. I am a long-time lurker. I feel like I know a lot of you on the board, but I know you don't know me very well. I am currently in nursing school (graduate in May), but before college I quilted professionally on a Millenium at a local quilt shop. Anyway, onto my point...I have a king size (huge!) log cabin quilt that I want to quilt for my parents for Christmas. The quilt store I used to work at sold their long arm and quilting business (it is just an antiques store now) so I no longer have access to a long arm machine for my big projects. I am wondering if someone on this forum who liv
  6. Again, wishing I was done with nursing school so I could buy this!!!!
  7. OMword, if I wasn't finishing my last year of nursing school...sigh...
  8. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Yes, it is all free hand. I kept repeating in my head "small, medium, large" as I was doing the feathers. There are a couple of larges next to each other, though. It is harder than you think! This was done with Quilter's Dream wool batting, which is why it has such a nice loft.
  9. Thought I would share a quilt I finished last week. From 072609 From 072609 From 072609 From 072609
  10. Abigail, while I think clamshells is a great idea, I am reminded of a title of a quilt I saw once called: Finished is a good thing! lol
  11. Someone on here posted about a scrap quilt pattern site. The website owner talked about how to sort your scrap fabric. One day I was looking at my scraps and found that I had a lot of brown and pink fabric, so I made a quilt out of 4 inch squares! this is the result. Look at all the yardage I would have lost had I thrown it away! I don't keep 2 inch squares, though. That's just too small for me to care about! From Sewing What I did is I used a stencil to draw the flowers randomly on the top and then I did a swirly meander in between the flowers to fill in space. From Sewing the
  12. Kristina, I have been "ripping off" ideas from this forum for a couple of years now. I suppose it is time I give back a little. Most of the sewing I do is clothing. I belong to a pattern review website and glean so much information from there and I have done one pattern review, which is shameful. I made easter dresses for myself and my daughter and I plan on taking pictures and reviewing the patterns.
  13. Yes, I do the bump-bump kind. On this particular quilt I used the EZ quilt to make a circle for the vine (first time I did it with this quilt and I think I should have made it a half inch bigger - live and learn). Having a perfect circle is a tremendous help in getting the whole wreath to look good.
  14. Let's see if that helps make it bigger... From Sewing From Sewing
  15. I took a class with Karen McTavish in Lancaster back in 2006. That is the method I use for feathers. I do use the stitch regulator because I just hit those curves too fast and the stitching is not consistent. The stiffer feel gives me more control, also. That's what works for me. Sheri, if you click on the pictures, it should take you to my picassa album.