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  1. Hi Spencer, So nice to speak with you. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Kim
  2. For Sale - 2006 Millenium with Bliss, purchased new from APQS in October 2006. Original asking price $10,500, reduced to $9500 now $9250. I am a Dealer Rep and would like to upgrade to a new machine. Bliss table rail addition makes her move like butter. No wheel adjustments necessary! Computer capability if so inclined. Machine has: -12' Deluxe Table -Fabric Advance with Foot Pedal -Upgraded to BLISS Rail System ($3000 upgrade) -Frame on casters for easy mobility -New Leaders -Size L Bobbin -Stitch Regulator -Lower Thread Cutter -Horizontal and Vertical Locks
  3. I found this on the APQS Forum... You would have to contact a local welder. Shortening the rails AND the rollers requires some heavy machine muscle. The end of the rollers will have to be reattached but it can be done and people have been happy with the process. I have not found a post with regards to the cost. Hope this helps. Kim
  4. I have the question you asked put out to other dealers and will get back to you as soon as I het a response. Are you local to Long Island?
  5. Machine still available for sale. Don't pass this one up...Bliss installed and helps this Millie move like butter! Not to mention that you won't need to make table adjustments because of Bliss!
  6. I am an APQS dealer rep and would like to upgrade to a new machine. This is my reason for wanting to sell. If you like we can have a conversation regarding a sale. I look forward to speaking with you. I can be reached at (631) 258-5657.
  7. Crazy, glad that it was over quickly but sorry to hear that your Millie is down. Hope it's resolved quickly for you.
  8. When she states closer to 6:30, yes. It is as if you are looking at a clock. If you're nervous about checking the hopping foot you can call service and they'll help you. Good luck!
  9. I have had to adjust my hopping foot when this happens. I've pasted a reply Dawn gave to a previous post. Hope this helps. Kim That is commonly referred to as a "walking stitch". It happens when the needle deflects slightly left and right as you push the machine away. If you've already turned your needle eye closer to 6:30, then check the height of the hopping foot. Turn the fly wheel by hand until the needle is at the lowest position. Then slide a single business card underneath from all sides. You should feel slight friction on all sides. If the foot is not level, or is too high,
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