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  1. Are you using pre-wound bobbins? I would try a different bobbin and clean the area really well...check all screws to be sure they are all tight as well. Vicki
  2. These are absolutely beautiful! What a great team you make...Does it take the most time in deciding what to quilt on each quilt or does it just come to you right away? You are so talented! Vicki
  3. I just bout a 5 pk of canned air from Costco and so far I have only used 2 cans since May. Vicki
  4. I had this issue just yesterday..loosened up the tension on top about 2 twists and it stopped...I was using Isacord which I hadn't had a problem with before, but this spool was varigated, maybe a little older or something? Try the tension and then maybe another spool of thread... Vicki
  5. Hi, My advice is use a ruler and either go 1/4 inch next to the ditch which allows for a little error if the seam or your line is not excactly straight - but it will appear to be straight. My other tool that I found helps alot would be the itty bitty ruler which puts your hopping foot right on the ditch line, but I use my stitch regulator which allows me to go slow and stay in the ditch. Another option is to do freehand right up to the ditch that gives the appearance of SID without all the stress of staying right on the line. Vicki
  6. Jane, I do like your idea of the vines and leaves on the fence but also like Patty's idea of mice. Some fur or swirls to look like curly fur on the cats would look nice. Maybe some freehand dragonflies and leaves in between the cats would like fun too....this is one I would have to look at for a while....don't know if that helps? Vicki
  7. Very Pretty Quilt! What a great job and those feathers are wonderful! Lucky Customer! Vicki
  8. Very Very Pretty! I am sure your GD will love it! Vicki
  9. Thanks for inspiring us with this quote Shana, we appreciate you! You are an encourager! Vicki
  10. Or you could do a holly meander in the triangular shapes...? Vicki
  11. I've been quilting on my millie since March and have taken customer quilts since I am still pretty biggest learning curve was learning to set the timming as the machine was missing screws and broke a needle and jammed the first time I turned it on. After I learned all about the timing, then I had to replace the mother boards, so I feel like I know all about my machine now.... I love to quilt on both the front and back of the machine, I feel pretty comfortable doing both but I do use the stitch regulator all the time. I think my biggest lesson is to say to yourself, "yes
  12. Patty Jo, I don't know you well but have kept both you and your DH Bill in my prayers. Iwill continue to lift you both up as you go through this difficult time. I pray that he will give you both comfort and peace in the days ahead. Vicki
  13. Oh, I forgot to also say that now that you know how to post pictures, we will be waiting to see a picture of what you are quilting when you finish! Vicki
  14. Janna, Great picture! It looks like it should be on a Hallmark card! Enjoy being inside and quilting today! Vicki
  15. Thanks for sharing your pictures on your great quilt! It is beautiful! Love the feathers also .... love to know where you found the basket weave stencil? Vicki
  16. Bonnie, Very pretty views, one of these days I will learn how to download pics...and show fall pics of historic F'bg. Are those turkeys the kind that you eat? Do I see thanksgiving dinner wandering by?... Vicki
  17. Wow, I am so impressed also with what you did on your machine! You are very talented! It looks great on both sides! And your feathers are perfect! Vicki
  18. Thank you, Fall is my favorite time of year is good to take a few minutes to stop away from the machine and enjoy it! Vicki
  19. Very pretty, I am looking forward to my first winter with my long arm so that I can stay in and quilt rather than commute to an office I don't want to be at....your quilt is wonderful! Vicki
  20. I know that I've seen them on several websites that specialize in pantographs...just look back at the recent lists of those sites in one of the recent threads.... Vicki