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  1. Another big Congratulations from me too! We are proud of you! Vicki
  2. Bobbi, Great job on the quilting! It looks fantastic and you had so much to deal with! Quilters are very patient people aren't we? You made the quilt look great! Vicki
  3. Meg, Great job on those swirls, it is not easy to learn to do smooth curves but you nailed it! Vicki
  4. Peglu, Great job, it looks fabulous! I really like the look of the piano keys in the border and I have found that it is a good way to finish a border that is a little wavey - although yours may not have did you do those feathered wreaths? Do you have a circle lord or did you use a stencil or just wing it? Vicki
  5. Good to hear that about Floriani also, I saw some in the LQS but was not sure how it would work...they seem to offer some good colors as well, my customers seem to be looking more and more for varigated threads as well. Floriani seems to be approx 2 x the price of the isacord but more variety is good and again to support the LQS will be good in the long run. I also like to use the prewounds bottom line, I don't have any tension problems with that combination. Thanks again for the input everyone, you are soooo helpful! Vicki
  6. Connie, It was good to meet you yesterday at the Dulles show. You gave me some good ideas for comming up with pantos.. hope you arrived back home safely and are having fun playing with your new toys! Vicki
  7. Connie, I will be there on Friday and would love to meet you! Let's set up a time and place... Vicki
  8. I would think you could unhook the motor and manually advance the quilt, but I would call APQS anyway.. Vicki
  9. Such a cutie! I have one about the same age and she can't keep anything in her hair either! Vicki
  10. I totally agree with everyone above, this is just too big of an investment and liablility to have people come over to play on it so that they don't have to pay to have their quilts quilted. The comment about giving someone your car to use who doesn't know how to drive is perfect! My answer would also be "Sorry, but I don't let anyone else use it." Don't apologize to say it - it is your machine. Vicki
  11. I think you mean that clamp that keeps both front rollers from moving? I also have the clamp that locks both and I don't think it will lock only one at a time. Vicki
  12. Nice job on those quilts Birgit, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we can't wait to see the finished quilt Linda! Vicki
  13. Beautiful quilt! I have a top that my great aunt made in the 1920's that I have been thinking of finishing. This inspires me to do it. Vicki
  14. Jeanne, Fantastic job! The crosshatching and panto go together so nicely, it looks perfect to me! Vicki
  15. I knew Jamie Wallen was a he but I had no idea he did such nice quilts! Maybe if I use more of this thread I too will become this good? (OH I Know, that along with PPP) Vicki
  16. Mary Beth, Your quilts are fantastic - we can't wait to hear how many ribbons you will win! Vicki
  17. Sheila and Sewhappy, So glad to hear that the shop in Pike's Place is still open, last time I was there in 8/06 the owners asked if we were interested in buying it as they wanted to retire. Would have loved to do it but we had just moved to VA. I also remember that candy shop! It is responsible for some of my extra lbs I am sure. We used to live in Ktn, AK and moved to VA in 2003. There is a wonderful QS in Ktn named Silver Thimble. I worked there for one summer, I hear the owner is looking for a buyer as her DH is ill and she needs to spend more time taking care of him. The shop was a
  18. Shana, Thanks, glad to hear it - the color is perfect but I wasn't sure if it was just for embroidery or would be good for quilting. Vicki
  19. I know this has probably been discussed aplenty, but I discovered Isacord thread today in looking for a color that my customer wanted. I tried it and found that it works really well on my millie, did not even have to change the tension from the cone of bottom line that was previously on there. It seems to run really smoothly. Has anyone else tried this and what did you think? Thanks, Vicki
  20. That is great to know, I haven't tried mono yet. Thanks for the info. Vicki