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  1. What a cute Quilt! Someone once told me that they like to add the label before it is quilted so that it doesn't come off with washing, etc... I always forget to do that to my own quilts..oh well.. Vicki
  2. Iused to go to a quilt store in Renton when we would fly through Seattle, is that the one that closed or the one in Pike St. Market? Vicki
  3. There is just something about going into a quilt store and being able to touch all of the fabrics...and talk to the ladies. I know we are lucky here as we have 4-6 all within an hour's drive. One of our guild ladies even sells fabric from her basement - her selection complements the lqs's. It seems each store specializes in different styles. One of my favorite things that our guild does each year is to shop hop on a bus all through Amish country in PA and that trip is comming up soon. I guess I ramble on too much sometimes, back to the LQS's, our closest one was recently bought by two lad
  4. I had same problem when my milli came. Check the wires like already suggested then also look at the rubber wheel that comes in contact with the wheel on the carriage. Make sure those are making contact, you should not be able to roll the encoder wheel when the machine is not moving. If you can, you can adjust it to be tighter against the carriage wheel. If that is not the problem, you will need to call APQS and they will help you... Vicki
  5. Very Very Cute! Have fun in Tn, we were in Nashville 2 wks ago and gas is a problem in that area - I hear in Memphis as well. My dtr tells me that gas stations have only opened for an hour at a time and you wait in line for 40 mins only to be told that they are out of gas as you get to the pump. Very frustrating! Sooo - gas up before you get to town. Don't know about shops in the Memphis area but can tell you about several good ones to the east of Nashville! Vicki
  6. Ok, I have to ask, how in the world do you quilt these things? Vicki
  7. Haven't seen a decline in the No. Va. area...Hope we don't! Vicki
  8. Yes, great feathers! I am with everyone else, please show us the whole quilt! Vicki
  9. Ohhhh man....I am so weak after reading these.... Vicki
  10. That is great, I did one where I did large swirls over everything and it looks like the leaves are falling and circling down. But my quilt had lots of leaves with no background. I like the swirls with the veins in the leaves.. Vicki
  11. I would stitch flames onto his breath, clam shell scales on his body and large pointed feathers on his wings. Then definately something in the background to make him jump out. Vicki
  12. Linzi, Thanks for sharing your little quilts. They are very very pretty and I love your creativity!It looks like you had lots of fun at the machine! Vicki
  13. Sheri, Just Beautiful! Great Job on the quilting - love the applique and the quilting really makes it shine! Vicki
  14. Crystal, To add to the already great advice given already, I am also a new quilter, started to practice on my own quilts and then just started taking customers in April. I belong to a guild and took several things of my own for show and tell that I quilted from our quilt-in. Then my group of friends that I carpool with to the guild meetings started supporting me. I left cards everywhere I could, even had a woman call me that picked up my card at the neighborhood cleaners, she was so excited that she found someone who lives close by, she has brought me 3 quilts since then. (She is not in t
  15. Would using white thread on the back be an option? Then those pokies would not be so noticable. Vicki
  16. That's beautiful! I would just make the back side the new front side - you know back is the new front! Good Job! Vicki
  17. Ditto on that Meg, I also have found that keeping my elbows in to my sides makes the flow go better as well - makes for curvier curves... Vicki
  18. Patty Jo and Bill, You are in my thoughts and prayers today also. Everytime I think of you I will lift you up in prayer. Vicki
  19. Karol, I also get lots of people who ask what is "Long arm" quilting...? Unless they quilt, it is hard to explain to them. Vicki
  20. Kerry, I just logged back on and saw the Green Gables Quilting.... I love it! It's perfect! You should include a pic of your home on your business cards.... Vicki
  21. Kerry, My husband came up with my business name - "Sew Many Quilts-Sew Little Time". I thought he was pretty creative. Vicki
  22. Ha Ha! I like to step outside and throw the ball for my dog, love to look at quilt magazines, and when I actually have a nice block of time, paint! Vicki