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  1. Thanks for sharing it with us, Great Job! Vicki
  2. Shana, Thanks for posting the information on insurance coverage. I just happened to call my homeowners insurance today to ask about coverage on my machine (Milli) and was told that it was indeed limited to $2,500.00 which we all know would not do it! I also happened to ask about liability insurance coverage as I do have occasional customers in my home. The site is currently under construction but my question is...... Does anyone reading this have any suggestions and/or recommendations for insurance companies that they have delt with for coverage? I wondered if some compa
  3. Lots of great ideas and pictures! I was so excited to find a magazine dedicated solely to LA'rs. Vicki
  4. Hello Everyone, I am Vicki and am new to longarming since Feb. of this year. I read these blogs every couple of days and have enjoyed reading about you all. What a bunch of fun girls (& occasional guys) you are! I have also learned so much about my machine (tension, etc.) as well as how to deal with customers and have gotten lots of great quilting ideas, you are very talented people! I have been quilting for about 30 years pieceing and quilting on my DM but my wonderful husband of 32 years encouraged me to make the jump to LA full time as I enjoy it so much. I love antique quilts and
  5. Ladies, Ladies, Both quilts are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for all of the input on pricing. I have been struggling with this as well as there are 2 other LAr's in my area that are very low priced. And of course they get all of the business. I have matched their prices for the last 4 months and have gotten about 25 quilts since then but am considering uping my prices a little as I don't feel that I am getting much per hour as well. My theory was that if I was the same price, people would try me and then I would have some loyal customers. When I first started, I made my prices higher
  6. Beautiful job! It just sings! I am also curious as to how you did the clamshells..they look so nice! Vicki
  7. Ann, Thanks for sharing your pictures.. nice job on the quilting! Vicki
  8. Peg, Another suggestion that I have is to use white graphite paper like you would use to trace a painting pattern. Of course I would try it first on a scrap to be sure that it would come out... Vicki
  9. Julie, I agree with all said above, sometimes my bobbin gets to rattling and I stop and clean it and add a drop of oil and then it runs great again. I would also try just rethreading the machine and use a different bobbin. Are you using prewounds or are you winding them yourself? I would also check the tension on both the bobbin and top. If that doesn't do it - call Amy! She will help! Vicki
  10. Mary Beth, Wow, that is a fantastic quilt job! It looks great! I usually just read the posts (I guess you would call me a lurker) but I just had to log in to compliment your work! How long did it take you to do? Vicki
  11. Wow, this makes me homesick! We used to live in AK and drove through BC several times ea year to take our dtr to college in Seattle. The scenery is incredible! You never tire of it and each time you take a hike or see this you remind yourself how lucky you are to be there and experience that view! Isn't God awesome!:cool:
  12. Yes, we spent some time stationed in AK and I would swear by those woolies. They are much warmer!
  13. I have seen some of your quilts in previous posts and your quilting is great! You deserve those ribbons! Congratulations!
  14. Hi Ladies, I found an anti-fatique mat at a local hardware store and it has made a huge difference on my feet these last few days. My quilt machine is set up in my newly finished basement with a carpet and pad over a cement floor. I had not thought to try the crocs but the mat is great! It comes on a roll and is fairly inexpensive. I also think it will save on the wear on my carpet since I stand in one area alot...
  15. Hi Lisa, I just had this same problem with my used 2007 Millie, I called Amy at APQS and she sent me new circuit boards for my machine. She said they were having some issues with static electricity causing that problem. I replaced both the mother and daughter boards and she also had me put some washers on the screws on both handles. This seems to have corrected the problem as it is running fine now. Vicki
  16. Many thanks to Lisa for her good ideas she gave me in the new longarmer class. I went to staples and got a 36" by 36" sheet of that plastic that they seal documents in (can\'t remember what it is called). I lined the sides with blue painter\'s tape so I don\'t run off the edge and use that to audition quilting on my quilts with dry erase markers. I also took a digital picture of the quilt top, printed it out and slipped it into a clear plastic sleeve. I can then mark the top with a fine tip dry erase marker and then when I slip it out of the sleeve, I am left with an idea of whether my qui
  17. Hi everyone, I have been reading the posts for the last several months and have gotten lots of valuable information from you all. I am a newbie at this and have a question. I need to buy a good iron and wonder what everyone uses or prefers...any recommendations? Thanks...
  18. Hello, I also am wondering if your machine has been sold? Thanks, Vicki