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  1. I will send your email on to this person, so you may hear from her. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the update Heidi, I will also continue to keep her in my glad she is enjoying the quilty hugs!
  3. My husband has a co-worker who is asking if anyone would know how or be interested in making a photo quilt for her....this would involved making copies of the pictures, making the quilt and then quilting and binding it...she would be willing to pay someone butI don't have the time....if anyone is interested let me know and I will pass on your contact information to her. She lives in Northern VA. Thanks!
  4. Hi Patty Jo, welcome back! Good to see you again!
  5. I am with the at my house and guild meetings too..
  6. I have had my Millie for 8 years now and still love it! You won't be sorry that you waited for the right machine.
  7. Wow! Congratulations! Your quilting is gorgeous!
  8. I don't know Linda, but you could look at their website and see if it can be used on your tablet...
  9. Congratulations on the new house and studio! How exciting!
  10. Thanks for all of the ideas, I decided to go with the square, it was easy also to sign up for and can take cards long distance by manually inputing them. This will solve my delima of waiting for payment after finishing a quilt. I like that idea.
  11. Yes Debbie, we moved there and stayed about 3 years. My husband was able to transfer back to the VA area with his job and work out of the Tyson's office. We rented our home here while we were gone and so were able to come back to the same house. It is great being back with my family and grandchildren and old friends although I did make new quilty friends in TX and miss them a lot too...
  12. Thanks Cagey, good advice.....I did raise my prices when I moved to TX to be competitive with the local LA's there and kept them the same when I moved back to VA, I think I am already considered a little high here but remember taking class from Dawn Cavanaugh on business that said people pay for what they think they are getting (quality wise) if you charge more, people who want quality quilting will pay more for it. I remember raising my prices several years ago before the move and did not loose any customers.
  13. My go to's are So Fine, Lava, and Glide and Isacord. My bobbins I like to use are magna glide and bottom line.
  14. I have never had a problem with flannel, it could just be a tension problem with the top thread...or maybe a burr somewhere?
  15. Thanks for the input, still trying to decide if I should go with the square for those long distance customers....I didn't know you could do a card over the phone with them...hmmmm
  16. All good advice...I find that I keep getting custom quilts but am trying to limit those to one per month as they usually take me a week and then I am trying to fill up the rest of my month with e2e's, problem is when I keep getting customs then I find I am back to doing 3-4 per month and not making that much as they are so time consuming. I have raised my prices and anytime I do get in an e2e I am bumping them in between customs so that I can earn more and try to stick to my business plan.... all this to show that a plan is a plan but being flexible also has its place....
  17. Sorry you are bored, I would love to find some time to sit and read.....I hope your shoulder feels better soon....we have storms going on here in VA this afternoon so I am not quilting either....and you are right, tv is boring! I did find the Great British Baking show now has another season on netflix and hope to watch that sometime....
  18. Does anyone use PayPal for quilting payment and how does it work for you? Do you recommend it? Do people spend more if they can charge it? Just wondering.....
  19. This sounds silly, but I once had a problem with my cord hitting the carriage and took me a while to figure that out....
  20. I agree with not quilting the black sashing, but I think I would just do a large crosshatch through the middle squares and then maybe feather the larger white sashings, (only because I like feathers so much) and then several differant things in the outside blocks. She is going to love this!
  21. I took Amy's class several years ago and it was very helpful! I feel like I can take my machine apart and put it back together again, it really helps you to see up close and ask questions for things like re-timing, etc, and gives you the confidence to try repairs. Well worth it!