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  1. I would tell and suggest she use a color sheet grabber when she washes the quilt, that will help stop the bleeding of colors.
  2. I use the large paper clamps and have been using it for 5 years, with no problems as I have the Liberty and no locks.
  3. I also give all new customers 10% discount. and a discount for a referral of 10%. I wanted to do something not only to retain my customer base, but give something to loyal customers. So every 10th quilting project, they get 10% discounted also. I also use the a mirro on my table. It helps from having to crank myself up underneath to look at the threads or to roll forward. I also keep bobbins marked with the right tension for the bottom thread I am using, so I only have to fiddle slightly with the upper tension.
  4. Occasionaly I am a lurker, but will add something sometimes also. Time is usually the problem for me, and only check in once a day or if I am looking for help in area I will travel through the forums for my answers. This is a great place to get help with problems.
  5. I am beginning to wonder if having an accordian was a precursor to being a long-arm quilter. I just laughed so hard, because I have an accordian also. DH was told to just bury it with me at the bottom of the casket. Beer-barrel poka and lady of spain.. What memories.
  6. I found the questions great. I agree would be great to read the outcome.
  7. Thanks everyone fr the info. I will be researching the cost soon I hope.
  8. I have been entertaining the thoughts of buying the Hartely Fence for my Liberty. My question is does it fit all machines or do you have to buy something extra to adjust to the machine such as the Liberty? The same with the Circle Lord does it fit all machines.
  9. I guess I will jump in.. I often do different borders, usually feathers or meandering leaf and flowers.. and a panto in the all over middle.. I consider this custom pricing and I too mark my acrylic overlay of the panto paper with masking tape to start and stop my panto. Its a little more back and forth, as I work the borders from the front of the machine and do my panto from the back, but otherwise not a problem and I don't think its that much extra work.. just an opinion.
  10. I went with a local bank. I have to be honest when I bought my 3 years ago, they didn't know in my area what a long-armer was so I presented a business plan, projected sales, and provided information on the machine and pictures off the web of the machine and what they can do..And I calculated start up cost and payments for six months, which when starting out you do not have the business at least in my area there are five long arm business, so competion and I was an unknown. I educated the bank, and they gave me a loan with no problems.. I also shopped interest and told them that up front before I met with them, that I was shopping for the best interest.. My mother worked at a bank for many years, and she said shop the interest just like a car, and let them know, that way they think another bank may take the loan..If you are a good risk and act professional, they will give you the loan.. I have a bachelors in Business Administration and I believe a business plan is a good self awareness process, but thats just me. The business plan, was not hard to write. And I will review it this year, to see where I am at and where I want my business to go.
  11. thanks for all of the great ideas.. I loved the pictures and got my inspiration juices flowing again.. Thanks again
  12. I am am having trouble finding some quilting stencils or ideas for a traditional quilitng for an underground railroad quilt.. any ideas out there?
  13. I would also add that I have worked outside of this business, and we had a dog at the place of employment. A black Lab, who really only came and hid under my desk in a thunderstorm, if the owner wasn't there. I loved haing an animal around while working. I have a dog, and she has to stay away from the quilts and I don't always allow her to come to the studio, with all customers, but this is my home and she is part of the family, and 90% of my customer base has animals and even live in very rural areas with many animals of their own, so it is a natural thing for them to see an animal around. Our Stella is still a puppy and still in training and they all who know her understand this, in fact are upset if I have locked her in another room.
  14. Yes I agree with both of you. I have found myself rewriting patterns because if I can't understand them how can I teach them. But illustration of the blocks or sewing has been a problem for me. Right now I am drawing, cutting, and real pasting and then coping the piece of paper to be as one. So was wondering what others use for the illustration part of the process.