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  1. Thought of another one: Cowboy Quilting: Have longarm and know how to use it OOOH, that start a whole nother line of improbables
  2. Thank you all, you made my day with all the suggestions. It is fun to vent in a safe place. No one quite realizes the interesting customers and quilts that arrive on our door.
  3. Bed Bug Quilting----brings a huge groan...my husband thought it up.
  4. Just for fun...list your most improbable quilting Business Names a couple for me: Chicken Coop or Coup Quilting Holly's Hobby Quilting--groan
  5. couldn't bring myself to call my business "Chicken Coop Quilting" (I love chickens?
  6. check the encoder wheels, there may be threads wound around the black wheels
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