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  1. Just came back from Road to California quilt show. OMG, it was the most fabulous show I have ever seen. When I get home tonight, I will post website where you can go to view 262 pictures. Took a lot of the background quilting as well as whole quilt. Claudia Pfeil took a second place with the Mermaid's Castle...jaw dropping the amount of work. Marilyn Badger's quilt was beautiful The Skeletons in the Beauty shop took most humorous award... I was so tired after 9 hours I could hardly believe what I saw.
  2. No, I'm certainly not upset about not getting in. Road is a great quilt show. Just interesting how tough it is getting in the quilt judging world. There are some real artists out there. I tend to make better bed quilts with added zip and I love color.
  3. I have seen this done with baby/ little girl dresses. They are basically appliqued to the quilt top. I can't imagine doing that to a full size wedding dress though. It would be a fun project to tackle.
  4. I submitted two quilts to Road to California hoping to be juried in. these quilts have won awards in other national shows. Neither quilt was accepted! I am going to Road in January. I will be anxious to see what quilts have been juried in. I bet they are spectaular. I'm wondering if they are looking for more "artsy" quilts versus more traditional looking with a twist. Anyone else surprised their quilt wasn't accepted?
  5. I think you handled it perfectly and diplomatically. the swapping spots was a good solution for both of you. Linda, I love your practical approach and always learn something from you.
  6. I never had had a problem with Metro thread. Your needle doesn't have a burr does it? or the little pig tail thingy that guides the thread sometimes can get a grove in them that could catch the thread.
  7. Heidi, your quilting is amazing...how lucky you were to win it!
  8. I love Metro Embroidery thread and the price is right also. It runs like butter through the machine and has a lovely sheen.
  9. as always, really beautiful quilting. Amazing you could turn it around so fast...it was a big quilt.
  10. I wish I had thought to take a before and after of the quilts I have done. I have to do that next time.
  11. perfect quilting. I hope she shows this quilt, it is lovely
  12. I just repaired a 75year old quilt for someone whose puppy chewed holes in it 40 years ago! She held on to it and many people told her it couldn't be repaired and to just cut it up and make wall hangings. It had about 6 holes with actual fabric totally gone. It turned out beautifully and when I gave it back to the owner she nearly cried. Isn't it nice to give life back to an old quilt? If anyone is interested....this is how I did it 1. lay the quilt upside down 2. smooth the tattered edges as flat as possible, avoiding distortion 3. cut a piece of fabric as close as possible
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