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  1. My question is how much tension should be applied to the thread on the APQS bobbin winder? If someone can tell me the number of threads showing on the adjustment knob, or if you have the Towa Tension Gauge, can you measure the pull on the thread. I have mine set to about 200-215 on the gauge. Gary
  2. In doing a hook timing adjustment, we are required to adjust the hook so that it touches and deflects the needle. How much should the needle be deflected? Gary
  3. gsewell

    Horses Panto problem/questions

    The problem with the design turned out to be that I was using a wireless keyboard and mouse and I was running out of memory in the DELL computer. It only came with 256MB. I installed a 1GB memory module and it has not had that problem again. Gary
  4. gsewell

    UV Light question

    Thanks for the link. Now it makes sense. Gary
  5. Can someone explain to me why use a UV light on your machine? Is it to see the thread better when you se tone-on-tone? Gary
  6. We were stitching out this repeat pattern that comes with the program tonight on our APQS machine, and after about 2 1/2 patterns in each row were sewn out, the machine would stop, wait a few seconds and then start up again. After it starts up we would ,most of the time, get a thread break because of bobbin back lash due to the fact that the machine had stopped. I did check my memory buffer in CompuQuilter and it was set to 5MB, but I changed it to the default of 45MB and it made no difference. Could the problem be: 1. the design 2. CompuQuilter 3. the machine 4. All of the above Gary