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  1. I'm sorry this kind of thing has to happen, I've done a few charity quilts, but not many. You have given us good food for thought. I'm proud of the way you' ve stood up to "being used" this way. Happy Stitching in the future. M
  2. Would love to get one, but living in Canada, the option isn't quite as easy, where are you located?
  3. me too, what does Hippie Stipple look like? I've enjoyed the names. Thanks for this mornings smile. Stay safe and happy stitchin everyone.
  4. Put the big hammers down and walk away from the machine. At one point we have all wanted to toss our machines and a few quilts out the proverbial window. Go find an adult bevy, if that's in your lifestyle and chill. Someone will be able to talk you through it tomorrow. I have to admit I haven't read your previous post, but I do understand the frustration. Been there, don't like it. Hugs, and just know there is a solution out there, We have some great gals, here in BC that can talk you through some of your issues, Give the list a chance. And there is a wealth of knowledge on our list, even though some of them aren't as close geographically. Shut the damn machine off, shut the door and go outside and yell outloud. Oh wait, you're in White Rock, up here, I can go outside and yell, and no one calls the cops. Do you have any machine maintenance DVD's. They are sometimes a wealth of information. I wish you luck, and keep talking to the list, we are listening. Marion in BC
  5. Does your machine have a stitch regulator, and could it be you are outrunning the reg. Or does it happen when you are going a certain direction, or just when you change direction. The extra thread guide is a good help, so is smoothing out everywhere the thread may travel. Hope your problem is solved. Happy Stitching Marion
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