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  1. Diane, Wow! Thank you so much for the extra block! It does go very nicely with the others. Thanks for thinking of me. Jen
  2. Hope you are ok, Bobette. A friend lives in Magalia and was packed and ready to go. She boards her six horses in Paradise and did have to evacuate them. Jen
  3. Beautiful quilt and antiques, Victoria. I bought a 1902 oak mantle with original mirror last summer, but haven\'t had it installed yet. It is now a huge project involving ripping out the old fireplace, putting in a clean burning insert, new hearth, installing mantle, etc. I thought I was just buying a really neat old mantle. Jen
  4. Luvolejunk, I sent mine out in April, so you should have received it long ago. There is a picture of them on page 22 of this thread. Jen
  5. Victoriasews, Yes, download all the freebies you want. You can organize them on your IQ in August. I\'ve had mine for a month now and it\'s SO FUN!!! Jen
  6. Mary Beth, Your McT\'ing is fabulous! I remember your other post about the practice piece I think your MIL liked. There is no comparison! This quilting rocks!!!! Jen
  7. Hey Linzi, I just asked my techy son and husband about this (DH was Director of Anti-Piracy at a major software company here in Silicon Valley for many years). He says this can be done using the above mentioned software, but you are definitely on shaky ground here. Decrypter breaks the copy protection put on by the publisher of the dvd. They want you to buy one copy and use one copy only. But...... Common sense says that as long as you are not giving a copy to someone else, you should be free to do this. It\'s a bit of a grey legal area right now, so you\'ll have to decide for yourself. Hope this helps, Jen
  8. Hi SoCalGal! No suggestions, just wanted to say hello. Jen
  9. I asked this on another thread, but since it is about backings, I\'ll ask it here too. Does anyone use Kona Cotton for backings or is it too stiff? Jen
  10. I\'ve seen Kona cotton referred to as broadcloth. Is this not a good choice for a backing? Is it too stiff? I need a solid for a backing, but don\'t care for muslin. Thanks for your input! Jen