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  1. "Flurry" is also a cute panto, with both snowflakes and swirls -- don't remember the designer. The glow-in-the-dark thread is a big disappointment. I did a Halloween quilt in this, & it dod not glow at all. I asked the manufacturer (Superior) about it, & they rep lien that it is really intended for embroidery, not long arm quilting, and that you have to use several layers to actually make it glow. Wish they would have said that BEFORE purchase!
  2. Linda's comments are right on; it is time to work on the stash. However, over time, we will always want upgrades to our machines, and we are hoping to pass on our knowledge of the craft to younger quilters, so it would be nice to see APQS better represented at the major regional shows. On the West Coast, that means PIQF and Road to California. Barb, you should go to Road if it isn't already covered.
  3. I do not think it is a good idea to say the insurance does not allow it (unless it is true, which is unlikely). If you have customers come in to deliver and pick up their quilts, or if she has knowledge of the insurance business, she will think you're not being entirely honest, which could backfire on you. Just tell her the truth, that your quilting is an artistic process and it is too distracting for you to have onlookers when you are trying to concentrate on your work. If she thinks about this, she will understand.
  4. Congratulations Linda! Looking forward to seeing you post even more great quilt photos.
  5. My batting of choice is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20. It is soft, pliable, easily laundered and just right for our climate. I would use it for daytime cover-ups and bed quilts. I have used the bamboo, it also seems very nice and a good weight, but I do not sell it and don't know how it holds up to laundering. I carry a lot of choices, for customers with varying tastes, and who will be sending their work back to the Mainland. I do not carry Warm & Natural, because I personally consider it to be totally unsuitable for our climate. I do carry Quilters Dream Puff (100% poly), because it is once and puffy/cuddly for children's quilts, but the manufacturer calls it a synthetic down, which would be too hot for an adult bed quilt nearly anywhere in the Islands, unless they are high in the mountains or really love their AC. So, that's my take on it.
  6. In my case, it was dead ants that were climbing out of the light fixture at night.
  7. My Millie is in a similar situation (high heat and humidity, AC on only when the machine is in use), and I have not had any problems associated with that. Corrosion can be an issue, but if the machine is kept clean and well-oiled, it should not build up enough to cause problems. If she is not using the machine on a regular basis (at least several times a week), then she should be extra careful about cleaning and oiling regularly, but I have never had any kind of electronics issues.
  8. The Dream Puff is really nice and popular also. It is puffy, which makes it really cute and soft for kids, it is warm but lightweight, and launders well. Size would depend on what your customers like, but the Queen (93" wide) size fits nearly all the quilts I get.
  9. That looks really nice. I wish I could afford the shipping!
  10. Thanks Sheri; mine came in the mail a couple of days ago, but I have been hesitating to take the time to install it. You have encouraged me, I'll do it today!
  11. I remember those sheets. My daughter (now age 48) had them on her bed in high school, so you do the math! The quilting looks great. I also do a lot of charity quilts, & I have finally established the rule that if the backing is not machine ready, I will either return it to the quilt maker, or charge her $25 to repair it, regardless of size, her choice. I have not had to charge yet, but I will if it comes up. It can create a nice teachable moment. Good luck!
  12. I like the large plastic shopping bags (with handles) from U-Line. I get the plain ones and make labels with my business logo on them. They are economical, yet sturdy enough to be reused, so they are great advertising.
  13. I like it a lot. I have the Quilt Cam (for pantos) from R&S; is it compatible with that?
  14. A while back (years??) Dawn posted a nice design for rose buds; try looking for that. It was on the old forum.
  15. Teresa & Heidi, I stayed at the Inn a couple years ago, and thought it was fine. It was certainly not fancy and does not have all the amenities, but I did feel that it was safe, especially since everywhere we go we are usually in groups anyway.