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  1. Thank you so much i am have a time remembering what i am supposed to do next. Does anyone have the Quilt Cad software? I can only quilt 4 inches wide at a time and am wondering how to adapt the patterns? Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I just bought a Grace SA quilting frame and Quilt cad software. What was I thinking? It is together! DH is not darling anymore. I do not know where to begin. First I have to ask do I need a foot? Which one? Barb
  3. ok I will try all of your suggestions which are very good. Yes I am cutting folded fabric. Yes I have a 1/4 inch foot. It doesn\'t seem to be the sewing but the cutting. Because as I am salvaging the material it needs to be re squared. Yes i have v shaped strips. I feel this maybe throwing the whole thing off. Barb
  4. Hello all, I have tried to cut a quilt with just 3 inch strips and and some 3 inch blocks. I cut the entire quilt out, then began to sew them, I sewed quite a few and realized that the strips were crooked. Nothing lined up. I gave up and took the larger pieces and am trying to salvage enough to make a small quilt, so far it is working. What am I doing wrong? Is my ruler slipping? I am very new at this. I tried a block using paper piecing and it was very good. Should I start this way,keep trying. I am not giving up. I want to make quilts. I did two very simple ones with large blocks embroideried and then just a edge around each one. I had a hard time lining up the edge. any advice is welcome Barb
  5. Thankyou all for your advice. I did not know there was such a thing asa a long arm when I bought my machine. I have the quilter foot and I can also drop my dogs. I also have a huge table that I have my machine on. I keep it on one side and cut on the other. I made 2 baby quilts, they are quite nice. But the straight stitch says nothing compared to your FANCY stiches.
  6. Hi all, I am new at quilting, I am wondering about the beautiful quilt patterns. I have done the stipple on my machine (though not very good but getting better) do I have to have a long arm machine to do this quilting by machine? Or can I ust my singer?
  7. i have heblocksand bordersall sewn. right now i dont like it that well and i dont know what pattern to quilt the borders in. I also don\' have enough fabric to do the back in one color. I think i am going to go to unbleached muslin. I could not have added another row of blocks, I thought about the days of the week but could not find any sun bonnett girls that even close to matching what i have. the sun bonnett girls are so cute and detailed i am disapointed i did not think this through a little bit more before i sewed them together. But I guess that is what learning is all about. Thank you to you all I am looking forward to getting it done. I am thinking about quilting sunbonnets all the way around the borders.
  8. Thank you all.. you are very kind and helpful. I have already sewn the blocks together. It is not going to be abed quilt but a big lap quilt. She loves to lay on the couch with a blanket. This is my second quilt. I will take a picture and send it when I get the top done. Thanks for all your help Barb
  9. Ok that is what i thought to do is the 6 and 3. Should i do them all the same color? I have about 3 diffrent colors i can use that will go well with the quilt
  10. HELP!!! i JUST MADE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUILT TOP FOR MY GRANDAUGHTER. it has 12 white blocks with purple dots inbetween. the white blocks are embrodery with the bonnett girls for each month of the year. It is too short. If I add the strips on all sides that i planned it will not help. what can I do? can i add larger strips to the top and bottem and then thinner strips to the sides? will it look awful? so far it is so pretty. HELP ME Barb